New York State is the reason that we got introduced to some of the most incredible things that have now become an indispensable part of our lives, such as air conditioning and toilet paper. It also had its fair share of contribution in the food department as well. New York State isn’t just about food carts selling soft pretzels and street meat, there are so many other fabulous dishes that are served in the restaurants and at food carts in New York State.

Considering food is one of the only ways to make yourself more connected to the place, you certainly would want to relish only those items that are actually worth tasting and have something unique or interesting to offer. And when it comes to New York State, surprisingly, there are so many mouth-watering dishes that are some of the greatest inventions of this State. If this will be your first time visiting New York State, then make sure to relish these lip-smacking foods.


Beef on weck

If you didn’t know, Buffalo is a city in New York, and this city is the face behind the invention of this lip-smacking dish. Western New York is the only place where you should be trying this dish. It is a form of sandwich that is served with a dip. The roll is topped with some salt and caraway seeds, and the inside is usually filled with slices of roast beef and some sliced onion to enhance its taste. Once tasted, you will want to have more of it.


Garbage plate

While this dish may not sound so appetizing, you will actually be left shocked by how delicious this dish tastes. The dish comprises so many different items that are basically piled on top of each other. It may not be the best-looking or even sounding dish out there, but believe us, it actually tastes amazing. The dish comprises home fries, macaroni salad, potatoes, beans, onions, meat, and different sauces. It is a quite filling dish; you won’t feel the need to eat anything for hours after eating this dish.


Buffalo wings

Much like beef on weck, Buffalo wings were also invented in Buffalo, which is quite evident from its name. It is an incredibly popular snack in New York State, and the best place to try this dish has to be Buffalo city. The wings are firstly deep-fried, and then they are slathered in a creamy and spicy orange sauce that adds a burst of flavor to this mouth-watering dish.


Salt potatoes

This one is a simple yet really delicious food to try in New York State. This dish is especially popular in central New York and is usually eaten as a lunch item. The potatoes are boiled to soften them from the inside and make them more edible. While the inside of the potatoes feels soft and creamy, the outer layering feels a little crunchy. Salt added to the top of these boiled potatoes helps enhance the taste of this dish.



Spiedie is yet another kind of sandwich that is served in New York State. This dish is widely popular throughout central New York. One of the many reasons why people are crazy about this dish is the fact that it makes your taste buds explode. A piece of Italian bread is used as wrapping for spiedies, which usually consists of chicken, but other items like pork, beef, and lamb are also used. These spiedies are marinated in a zesty sauce and are then grilled on a spit. You will enjoy every bite of this mouth-watering dish.

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