The African Charm Ethiopia is filled with ancient monuments and natural wonders. The unique culture, old charm, enthralling history, and ancient architecture makes the country a must-visit for the world’s travelers.
The country is truly unique in terms of culture, social life, and history. The country is a perfect destination for Avant-garde travelers who want to seek everything from one place.
If you’re traveling to the country first time deciding on what places to visit can be quite tricky. Thus, to help you out we’ve picked some amazing destinations you must explore during your Ethiopia vacay.


Blue Nile Falls

The waterfall dropping from the Blue Nile River is the country’s most visited tourist spot. The falls are also known as Tis Abay meaning “great smoke”. Dropping from a height of about 42 meters, the place curates a breathtaking view.
If you’re planning to visit the Blue Nile Falls and wondering how to get there? The initial point that takes you to the falls starts from the town of Bahir Dar which is crammed with more than 37 monasteries each dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. If you want to get immersed in the historical and cultural glimpse of the place, Bahir Dar is worth exploring too.



The historical town of the country narrates various tales of the Ethiopian emperors and princesses dating back to the 12th century. The town is filled with many historical monuments that depict the country’s rich and unique history.
The city holds an important place in the country’s history and if you love to explore the history, this place is not to be missed!
In the city, you can do endless things and among all these the must do are-
Hiking to the Simien Mountains
A trip to Kidame Gebya Market
Stroll around the village of Woleka
Visit Fasilides Castle.



AKSUM is another place that holds a prominent mark in the country’s history. In the past, the place has served as the country’s economic hub and thus is an important part of your complete itinerary.
The trip to AKSUM is filled with visiting many archeological sites and historical monuments. The place is full of mystery and thus captivates you throughout the visit.
If you’re planning to visit the place, the best time would be to visit around August and October when the weather is mild.


Lake Tana

The largest lake in the country stretches around 84 kilometers approximately. Situated above the sea level the lake offers a breathtaking view. On your visit to the lake, you come across various woolly creatures.
If you visit in October you come across to various bird species, and thus a must-visit for the ones who love bird watching. It is a source of 50% of the country’s freshwater and thus forms a major part of the country.
No one is to blame you if you wish to never leave the place, it’s that beautiful! And, don’t forget to capture some great shots.


Addis Ababa

The capital city is a must addition to your itinerary. Last on the list but it’s probably the first point of your itinerary. The city is also referred to as “the political capital of the city”. It holds political, cultural, and historical dominance in the country.
Don’t forget to visit the famous Mount Entoto, while you’re in the capital city.

So, these were some of the finest destinations in the country. We hope your trip turns out to be an indelible one and you enjoy thoroughly. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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