Japan is famous for a lot of things and one of them being its authentic traditional dishes. They are unique and are prepared with a blend of tastes and flavors. The best thing about Japanese dishes is that they are prepared by keeping in mind the culture and values of this country. Every dish reflects something and thus, the taste comes out to be incredible. The taste and presentation in these dishes are equally paid attention so you must try all these authentic dishes if you happen to be in Japan. A pleasure for the eyes as well as the tongue, grab these dishes the next time you land up in Japan!



Everyone knows about this famous Japanese dish and loves it for every good reason. This Japanese delicacy is one of the best dishes ever and there are a lot of variations in this. If you talk about Japan, there is no way that Sushi doesn’t come up. The entire world associates Japan with Sushi and that’s why you must give it a try. Visiting Japan calls for this mouth-watering delicacy which is prepared from rice. The basic ingredient is rice and the rest are fillings. The fillings vary from fish, vegetables as well as seaweed depending on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian category. Served with a nice soy sauce or wasabi, this is supposed to be eaten with chopsticks. Sushi is definitely an explosion of different flavors altogether.
Where to eat: Sushiya is recommended for trying out the best Sushi in Tokyo.



Another popular dish in Japan that should not be given a miss! If you are in Japan, you must head to the street, explore the restaurants and look for this one. It will give you a blend of different tastes and flavors. As beautiful is the presentation, the taste is even crazier. This oriental flavor in Japan is basically wheat noodles served with soy sauce or a bowl of soup which is made from a lot of different ingredients. Everything that you will spot on the plate has been made from a lot of different things and that’s why it is a blend of a lot of flavors. Toppings and fillings that are used in this are pork, eggs, and seaweed along with onions. Soup is an imperative ingredient here and that is different in every restaurant.
Where to eat : Madai Ramen Mengyo in Tokyo is one of the wisest choices to try the best Ramen.



Tempura is another popular snack in Japan which is served with seaweed and vegetables. By this time, you must have collected the fact that seaweed is one of the main ingredients in every Japanese dish. The best thing about this dish is its presentation because special attention is paid to details like the way vegetables are cut. A balanced temperature of the batter and oil in which it is fried is also kept in mind. Tempura is usually consumed in one single bite either with a dipping sauce or flavored salt, depending on the region it is being consumed. We cannot call it an authentic Japanese dish because it has been originated in Portugal but gained its popularity in this country.
Where to eat: Visit Tsunahachi restaurant for the tastiest Tempura in town.



Long before Sushi came into existence, Sashimi was popular in Japan for all the right reasons. This authentic dish in Japans is like s staple food and is consumed by everyone. Sushi is simply an extended version of Sashimi but if you are in Japan, you must try out this mouth-watering Sashimi as well. This traditional dish is basically consuming slices of raw food without rice. It can be anything from fish to seafood because the literal meaning of Sashimi is anything raw that is sliced in thin pieces and consumed that way. So, if you find fish, seafood, beef, chicken, etc in this dish, do not be surprised because this one has a lot of variations.
Where to eat: Sushiya and Uobie for the best Sashimi and Sushi in town.



This is the most popular traditional Japanese dish which is prepared in a unique way. This one makes use of chicken as a basic ingredient and uses every little part of it. Basically, this dish pays homage to their culture and tradition. It makes use of every possible part of the chicken like the flesh, heart, liver and even the comb. This broiled chicken is an authentic dish and is consumed by all the residents there. During the preparation, the meat is skewed with Kushi and grilled over charcoal. This adds to the flavor and thus, is one of the most delicious dishes ever.
Where to eat: Isehiro Kyobashi for the best Yakitori in town.

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