The most important part of any trip other than packing clothes would be packing your shoes. The way these shoes need to be packed is tricky and quite challenging. If you are looking forward to packing a lot of pairs, then you would need to learn some clever tricks. Have a look and inculcate these tricks in your next packing for a tactful style!

Place them at the bottom

Whenever you are packing your bag for the best trip, you need to do this in a very tactful way. Packing your clothing and shoes together to save on space and volume is a great thought but that also needs a close inspection of what all things you are carrying. If you a smart packer, you would already know that all your pairs of footwear need to be packed separately. They should be placed in such a way that they take very less space overall. This would make more space for clothing, accessories as well as other essentials. So, while you are packing for a trip, make sure you place your boots beneath your apparel. This way, the bottom space is all covered with shoes and you curate one layer of shoes. Place all your clothes above and pack them tactfully.

Pack bulky shoes separately

This is a very important point because different types of shoes take up space according to their size. First of all, you should not carry too many shoes. Because this just means adding volume to your baggage and carrying it all by yourself. But if you are planning to carry a lot of pairs, then pack them separately. This basically means that you need to pack your flip flops, slippers, sandals, etc in one place and then pack all your sports shoes, heels, boots, etc. in another place. This way you are able to save a lot of space and you will also know what type of shoes are placed in which bag. Place these shoes in separate polythene bags if you want to and also make sure that you arrange them heel to toe sideways. This is also another smart move!

Cover your shoes

Shoes are meant to get dirty and if you want to save them from spoiling your clothes, then make sure you cover them in the first place. Use a poly sheet or a gallon bag to cover them. Then place them in the bag. You can also use a shower cap to cover the sole of your shoes. Firstly, you should place them beneath your clothes and when you are doing this, make sure you use something to cover them with. This way to you can protect your clothes from dirt that is all over your shoes. You can also make use of tissue paper or bubble wrap for this purpose. Pack your fancy shoes and sneakers in different bags and keep them away from getting spoiled too.

Place socks in your shoes to keep them in shape

Another thing that spoils our shoes is that we just pack them right away in the bag. We throw them without even realizing if there is enough space or not. If you are also doing this, we suggest stop right away, This is because when shoes are just thrown in the bag just like that, they become squished and can lose their shape. This can even crack the sole. Heavily stuffed suitcases can result in spoiling the form and shape of the shoes, wedges as well as heels. To avoid this, it is recommended to either wrap them or simply pack your socks in them so that they do not squish. If your shoes get squished, the socks will help them retain their shape. This is a clever trick to pack your shoes the right way and bringing them back home in the same shape.

Pack versatile shoes

If you are fond of carrying a lot of shoes for your next trip, we would recommend packing different kinds of shoes that are actually versatile. This is because different types of bulky shoes can be difficult to carry. So you can pack those pieces that will go with almost everything. For example, your mainstream white sneakers can go with possibly everything. Pack them for curating different outfits. This will add to your style statement and also give a variation to your outfit. Such pieces are timeless and thus, packing neutral colors can actually turn out to be a savior for you. Pack all those pairs that can be used as formal as well as informal wear.

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