Packing for a winter travel destination can be a big challenge because every time this happens, all of us end up with an overflowing suitcase. This is because we literally have no idea as to what is imperative and what is not. Amidst this confusion, we forget a lot of things and this is where the entire trip suffers. Here are some of the mistakes we make while packing for winter travel and how to avoid them-


Forgoing a Hat & Headgears

Leaving a hat behind while traveling during the winter season id the worst thing you can ever do to yourself. When you know its winters, it means there will be pleasant weather but with additional windy air in the day and biting-cold nights. Therefore, you need to keep all those additional winter accessories that are otherwise forgotten. During this time, having a hat or a warm muffler in wool or cashmere along with gloves is imperative and this is where we all make mistakes. While packing for our winter vacation, we forget these accessories and then suffer on the trip. This leads to dreaded hair and wind rushing through our hair straight and into the ears. this also increases our chances of falling sick. Thus, this mistake should be avoided. Keep in mind the significance of hats and headgears. They will save you from this biting cold season.


Not packing Medicines

A winter vacation is the most fun thing you can ever do and all the winter destinations are super gorgeous. But as pretty as they are, they bring along multiple chances of falling sick and then ruining the entire trip ahead of us. So, in such a case you need to have a first aid kit as well as a packet of medicines handy in order to avoid anything that leads to you falling sick on the trip. But we all tend to forget this part. We pack every little thing we want in apparel and shoes but forgo our health amidst all this. Thus, this mistake should be avoided and a pack of medicines should always be kept handy while traveling. you never know when you might need it. Do not travel with a complete medicine cabinet though, pick only the essential medicines like those meant for cold. soar throat and flu.


Leaving behind Sunglasses

Just because you are not going to the beach or to a sun-exposure place doesn’t mean that you should not pack your sunglasses. The idea behind packing your sunglasses wherever you go is much broader than this. You need to understand that sunglasses are a way to protect your vision from all the possible dust, dirt and pollution in the air. The sun can also shine brightly in super freezing destinations, so you should not skip sunglasses on any winter vacation. Also, sunscreen along with sunglasses is a great combination and will save you from everything dirty and harmful. It is imperative to pack your sunglasses and if they are UV protected, then there is nothing like it! Do not forget to pack this one for all your destinations and flaunt your stylish side too!


Not packing Layers of clothing

The worst thing that one can do for a winter travel packing is to not carry enough layers of clothing. Now, this does not mean that you should hover your bag with your entire wardrobe. The point here is to pack multi-utility clothing that not only protects you from the cold but also showcases a stylish side of you. This multi-utility clothing actually means a set of jackets, coats, mufflers, cardigans, etc. because all these staples can be used over your inner wears. These layers are the best thing for winters as you can wear them more than once. They won’t even make you feel that you have repeated your clothing because layering is an art. Pick a fancy puffer jacket along with a cashmere muffler and this will be the perfect layering for your vacation! Go from a thin to a thick layer inside out.


Packing the Wrong Shoes

Every travel destination has its own needs and requirements. Somewhere you might have to wear sneakers and somewhere you might need gumboots. The thing is to understand what kind of place you are traveling to and what kind of weather is swaying there at the moment. So depending on the weather and the destination, you should pack your shoes. The mistake here that we all make is that we pack the wrong shoes without even knowing and this causes discomfort. If you are heading to an extremely cold destination, look for insulated shoes. And if you are going to a snowy place, look for waterproof as well as skiing boots. You need to feel comfortable in your shoes, so study the weather conditions first and then make your choice.

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