Have a coffee with a Panamian View. The world’s most expensive cup of coffee comes from Panama!

Panama is often seen as a canal city, while that is true up to an extent, still Panama is much more than only canals.

Panama has a world-famous and mega-spectacular 48-mile canal that finally ends in the Pacific Ocean. Over a million persons, each month witness the engineering marvel live.

Panama feels rather proud that it does this 365-days operation and due to this many world’s cargoes are shipped efficiently and remarkably.

The city has some interesting history as it is said that Panama emerged from the Isthmus of Panama some 3-million years ago and changed the whole world. It divided an ocean! And joined 2 continents together!

These 2 phenomena lead to one of the most important things in the history of the universe. The narrow land today finally bridges in Central America and is home to some of the best endemic birds and trees.

Panama invites the traveler to see its rich natural landscape, amazing culture, endless tourism events, rainforest tours, surfing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, and camping.

Enjoy world-class dining, some of the best nightlife, casinos, and more.

As per Panama Officials, “Panama has attracted some of the world’s most famous brands to set up shop here, including Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Hermes, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Micheal Kors, Carolina Hererra, Chanel, and countless others.

Tourists from all over the world come to Panama and experience a modern, beautiful city with all the amenities one would expect from a world-famous business and tourism hub.”

Let our experience,


Isla Mamey

It’s a part of the Portobelo district, basically a historic port in the beautiful province of Colon and a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Visit the pristine Caribbean Island of ISLA Mamey to see some palm-lined beaches and warm turquoise waters
  • Visit other areas of Portobelo for a glimpse to area’s rich history and culture such as the Festival of Black Christ
  • Enjoy water sports and activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing, camping on the island, etc.
  • Take a bus or car from Panama City to Portobelo to reach here, travel ISLA mamey by Boat.


San Blas

Guna Yala is an indigenous territory in the Guna indigenous group. It’s an archipelago of around 365 islands and is collectively known as San Blas Islands.

  • Well protected natural beauty spots
  • Gunas are very fine craftsmen in Molas, a traditional textile that is made from many layers of pictures and patterns using colored fabrics and is mostly inspired by their cosmogenic beliefs.
  • Molas are colorful and mythological symbols and are one of a kind souvenirs
  • It’s not like any random commercial vacation but more of a past- experience
  • You can embrace the local customs and cuisine
  • Also make sure you understand that no internet access, no credit, debit cards, only US $ work there
  • A sailboat is one of the popular options to stay and Expect to lodge in thatched huts without heated water or go the camping route, by renting tents or hammocks
  • Swim in their beautiful turquoise water, and learn about their Guna cultures and traditions
  • According to visitor’s recommendations, “Plan to island-hop while in San Blas, and consider stopping at El Porvenir, the capital of GunaYala, Isla Perro, for amazing snorkeling, Playa Chichimei, which is popular amongst backpackers, or take a day trip to other stunning islands like Banedub Island or Robeson Island.”
  • Use a 4×4 in Panama City to Carti, and then a boat to reach in around 20 minutes max.



Take a day trip to ISLA CARENERO, a very small, forested island but beautiful. Just a 2-minute drive from Bocas Town.

1 hour more than enough to hike the entire island and hit the beach for water sports or taste some of the best seafood restaurants in Bocas Del Toro



La Cinta Costera or Coastal beltway is a very massive public space having 64 acres of oceanfront land which offers pristine city and bay views.

A gathering point for tourists to eat, rest, or lounge over.

For working out, this is ideal as it has ample bike lanes, running space, and green trails. Ideal place for outdoor exercise.

Many family-friendly activities are there

This is located in Panama City waterfront so very easy to reach to just encircle the Casco Antiguo.

Some other worth exploring destinations are

Panama Canal

Barro Colorado

Casco Antiguo

This was a quick travel guide for beginners who don’t know Panama, as an eye-opener.

Panama is becoming better and better for tourists. However, tourists are not becoming better by destroying nature, throwing plastic, and even behaving badly with Panama’s local tribal people, calling them illiterate and making fun even.

This is not recommended strongly and we must respect all cultures and thinkings.

Be an eco-responsible tourist and help in boosting Panama tourism to eco-tourism

Happy traveling

Thanks for reading!

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