Peru, a fabulous country located in South America is a destination that has a spectrum of possibilities to offer to every traveler. Widely known for its history, beauty, culture, and adventure, Peru is truly one of the best destinations to visit, giving you a chance to explore some of the most gorgeous and the best things to see and do here. While there are a few obvious highlights in the country but there’s a lot more to it than just some popular tourist attractions. The beautiful coastline, thick rainforest, historical archaeological sites are possibly the best features of this country. From wandering through the capital city of the country, Lima to visiting the ancient ruined city, Machu Picchu, with the number of things you can see and do here, a few days won’t be enough to make the most out of this astonishing country.

We have rounded up a list of best 5 things you can see and do here in Peru.

Visit Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is probably the main and the best highlight of this country. Exploring the majestic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu is possible the best way to make the most of your visit to Peru. The city lies high on the top of a mountain that involves 4-day trekking to reach the city that is in ruin state. The trekking will take you through the deserted villages and fields terraced on to sheer Andean slopes. This is probably one of the world’s greatest trekking trails that won’t only be unforgettable but also once in a lifetime experience. From offering some of the most jaw-dropping sceneries to providing a stunning backdrop of lush, steep and cloud-shrouded mountains, once you reach the ruined city, all the trekking and hustle will be worth it all.

Explore the capital city Lima

When in Peru, you can’t miss out on visiting and exploring its capital city, Lima which is one of the largest cities in the whole of South America. Going with the size of the city, you can have plenty of things to see and do here. The lively atmosphere and all the historical sites and landmarks are the best highlights of the city. You can also find a colonial center in the city which has been kept preserved along with some of the most astonishing churches, catacombs, cathedrals, museums, and restaurants. To relish authentic Peruvian cuisine, Lima is the place to go for.

See the Nazca lines

Are you looking for something in the country that can blow your mind? If yes, then without any doubt it’s the Nazca lines that are probably going to get you intrigued. The Nazca lines are huge, intricate designs that are believed to have originated 500 bc. The drawings are etched on to the barren landscape of coastal desert situated in the south of Lima. There are very different stories and mysteries revolving around these figures- mainly of the animals and people. Taking an airplane tour from Lima can be the best way to get an amazing view of these Nazca lines.

Visit the Lake Titicaca

Many travelers claim the Lake Titicaca to be the best highlight of their visit to Peru. The lake is widely spread in the region which is also believed to be the largest lake in South America. Located at the Bolivian border, the floating houses are the main highlight of this spectacular lake. Apart from that, this water body is the highest navigable lake in the world. You can get the most beautiful and surreal view of the lake surrounded by the Andes mountains.

Relish the Peruvian cuisine

Relishing the Peruvian cuisine is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the country’s culture and tradition. And Lima is known to be the choice of destination when it comes to trying the authentic Peruvian dishes. You can see an influence of western culture as well as from the indigenous population; including the Inca in their cuisines. However, not all dishes offered here may be quite tempting to even look at. Just to put it out clearly- Peru cuisines aren’t for faint-hearted. There are a lot of tantalizing options to try including guinea pig which is one of the most popular dishes served in the country. 

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