Known for the seventh wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal, Agra is rich in history and culture and its authenticity which makes it a famous place for people all over the world to visit this city. People love visiting this city and getting to know and experience life here, sightseeing several historic monuments, eating delicious food, and shopping to their heart’s extent. This city has so much to offer to its visitors. You can explore the amazing monuments and look at their architecture and learn about the history related to them or can hit the streets of Agra and get to see the city itself. Visit this city with your family and enjoy a wonderful vacation here.

Look at the list we provide here and get to know some of the places you can stay when you are traveling with your family.

The Hideout Agra – Heritage Homestay

This homestay is a cozy, beautiful accommodation you can stay in with your family. You get to have a lot of facilities here. This homestay has a homey and cozy vibe to it and makes the kids feel comfortable. This stay is extremely close to some tourist attractions and you can even rent a car here and travel around. You can enjoy some time at the decorated terrace and can even enjoy a delicious breakfast here at your stay. Hospitable staff can help you with anything you need and make your stay comfortable.

The Coral House Homestay by the Taj

Extremely near the Taj Mahal, this is one of the ideal places to stay by travelers. This is a stunning place to stay, decorated with a huge number of flowers this homestay makes it a point to create a homey vibe around for its visitor. It has a beautiful sun terrace and garden that you can visit after exploring the city. The rooms in this hotel are all equipped with necessities and other amenities. You can even enjoy biking or golfing in the vicinity. Stay here and visit the tourist attractions nearby easily even on foot.

The Coral Tree Boutique Homestay

This has to be the most beautiful stays out of all the stays listed here. This homestay is such a stunner. Visitors are in awe when they enter here and can feel the positivity and calm aura here. They are hygienic and take care of cleanliness properly. Being close to the Taj Mahal, this is again a well-known stay among travelers. Kids would love the ambiance of this place and thus this can be a great place to stay when you are traveling to Agra with your family.

The Oberoi Amarvillas

Oberoi is a well-known name when it comes to hotels and accommodations. Here you are looking at The Oberoi Amarvillas in Agra. This luxurious 5-star hotel provides a vast number of amenities and facilities to its guests. You can visit the spa for a relaxing day and enjoy all the spa facilities, rent a car and travel the city, enjoying several intrnaltional as well as indian dishes, being at the bar and sipping wine while looking at the Taj Mahal. Being near the tourist places this is one of the known stay among travelers.

Village Homestay

If you are looking for getting some countryside experonece and want to learn and experience the village life then you can come here with your family. Here you get to stay in rooms that are in the shape of huts and get to experience some bits and pieces of a village life. This homestay is a bit far from the city and is very peaceful and serene. You get breakfast here and there is a yard where you can sit and enjoy some time with your family. This is a nice weekend getaway away from the hustle and loudness of the city.


These places are stunning and provide you with a beautiful and comfortable stay. The places have so many facilities and amenities provided to their visitors and are all extremely close to the famous tourist attractions that you can easily commute between your stay and the places you wish to visit. Plan a trip to this stunning city and come here with your family. Get your kids to explore and learn about new places and to get to know more about Agra. Stay your planning now. Have an amazing stay here!

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