With increasing popularity, Serbia is becoming a great tourist destination. It is popular due to its landscape, monuments, cities, castles and the mix of different cultures where you can learn new things and experience the adventure and joy of visiting this place. Serbia has beautiful mountains and rivers along with some amazing architectural beauties that you can watch and explore. Along with that, it has an amazing city life where you can enjoy the nightlife or can have some delicious coffee at a cafe. There are so many cities you can visit and get to know so much about this country.

Look at the places you can visit when you are visiting this beautiful country rich in diverse cultures and alluring landscapes.


The first and foremost place to visit has to be the capital city. This city has seen a lot of wars and destructions but now this city stands and lives a peaceful life. This city enjoys life by holding numerous events and festivals such as music festivals, film festivals, etc. You can visit the fortress and look at how beautiful the architecture is. This city is full of energy and is very lively. You get to explore the city which has buildings that date back to the medieval period. There is so much to explore when in this magnificent city.

Novi Sad

Looking for a city where you can get to experience the proper historic aura and the culture, then Novi Sad is the city for you. This city has a lot of historic sites that you can explore when you visit this place. Get here to experience how the locals live and to see the culture of this place. This place not only has these historic sites to explore but also has some beautiful parks, cafes, and several galleries where you can spend some of your time. This is a beautiful city to spend some of your time in.


This city has a lot of roman and ottoman influence and you can find a lot of historic buildings and fortress here in this city that were built at that time.  Not only does this place have stunning historic buildings to explore but this place is crowded and busy. There is so much to do when here. You can go and have a good time in bars or can enjoy some of your time in any cafe. There are several festivals and events that take place here with some amazing music events. Visit this city to enjoy some amazing cuisine.


This place is ideal for a simple one-day tour where you can get to know a lot about the city and its history. This place is packed with history. You can visit the gallery and the museum where you can get to explore the artifacts that date back to several centuries. You can also visit the archaeological site and get to have a look at the artifacts they have dug to look at the life people lived before. After a day of exploring the city, you can go and have some fun at the clubs and bars and get to experience the city’s nightlife.


If you want to have a peaceful, sweet vacation then visit this place. This place is full of beautiful and serene landscape that looks amazing. With boulevards and cute cafes and restaurants to have a meal at. This is a peaceful town where you can enjoy your time and have a great getaway. You can spend some of your time at the fortress and look at the impressive architecture. Visit the museum and gallery to get to see the different artifacts this city has to offer.


Now you know where to go when you are in Serbia. Once the war-torn area now is celebrating life with different festivals and events. This country has so much to offer to its visitors with landscapes, cities, architecture, castles, churches, and other places. This is a must-visit place and you should consider planning a trip to this beautiful country where you can get to see some medieval cities as well as some modern cities. Plan a trip to this European country and enjoy your stay here.

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