The other name of France is “Foodie Heaven”, and definitely there is a great reason for that. Every city in France is basically famous for one food or another. And also, there are many restaurants, and you can definitely find a lot of cuisines here in the restaurants of France. Moreover, you can go for seafood in the coastal areas and other cultural and traditional food in the areas. Likewise, if you are a foody and also a traveler, then there is no other place as France for you.

There is every kind of dish for you if you are visiting a place like France. And also, whether you are traveling as a couple or with family, you will get whatever you like in France. Moreover, there are many traditional foods available in the area like France, and that is the reason why we are mentioning the places along with their traditional foods and that will make you go awestruck. Hence, here are the places you will love in France if you are foody.


Grenoble is basically the place that is located on the foot of the Alps. It is famous for the cable car system that is known as Les Bulles. Les Bulles takes visitors to the ancient fortifications that are the most beautiful part of the city. But most importantly it is known for its delicious and yummy food. The place is basically influenced by the neighboring city that is Lyon, which is traditionally famous for its French Cuisine. The dish that makes this place famous is Gratin Dauphiné which is basically the Traditional Grenoble Dish. This is really delicious dish made with sliced potato and topped with cream, garlic, and cheese. Also, it is baked until a crispy and golden-brown layer comes on top.


Located near the Belgium border, the city of Lille is basically one of the largest cities in France. That automatically makes the point that the traditional and cultural food of this place is a mix of Belgium and French cuisine. And also, the cultural values of this place are also influenced by Belgium and that is why it is famous. Now, the city of Lille is also famous for its delicious food. The basic and classic Traditional Lille Dish is Méert’s waffles. If you have a sweet tooth then this is the perfect dish for you. These waffles have some great vanilla fillings and that makes it even more delicious and will also make sure to enhance your taste buds as well.


The city of Perpignan is located in Southwestern France, and also it is a commune and city. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the city was the continental capital of the Kingdom of Majorca. If you are traveling to France and not visiting this place, then your trip to France definitely fails. There is a lot you can do here in this city. This city is basically situated near the Mediterranean coast, and also is an abode to historic castles. As it is nearby the coast that is why it is famous for its local seafood. The traditional food of this place is known as moules-frites. The dish is basically served with white wine sauce and also a glass of champagne that makes it even more delicious.


Reims is traditionally famous for its Champagne production, and is the perfect place for a liquid lunch! If you are looking for the most beautiful champagne houses in the world, then Reims is the perfect place for you. You will certainly find some of the great and most celebrated champagne houses here in this place and these houses are open for tours and tastings as well. You can also take a tour (guided) to the historical caves of Reims, and also have a trip to the vineyards as well as you check out how champagne is produced. Created by the Fossier’s Confectioners in the 18th century, Biscuits roses de Reims is the traditional dish of Reims. It is basically a treat to your tongue and will satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

Food is the basic aspect of traveling, and if your foodie soul is not satisfied, what is the point of traveling. Thus, you must check out where you must eat before traveling to that place. Hence, that is the reason why we mentioned Places you will love in France if you are foody.

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