In most cases, tourists are lured to places that are on the top of their game, and given the popularity; Europe is the most popular choice amongst the travelers. It is home to some of the most beautiful destinations, and amongst those pretty ones, Scandinavia in the northern region is slowly becoming a favorite choice of destination amongst many travelers. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, collectively make up for this subregion. And sometimes, it also includes Finland and Iceland, this cluster is also known as the Nordic countries. When in Scandinavia, you are not supposed to have a dull moment. It is a region full of life and vivacious energy, which certainly ups your spirits and makes your stay even more joyful and exhilarating. From lakes and forests in the south to beautiful glaciers in the north, no matter where you’re heading, you will find things that will leave you intrigued and your trip more memorable.

We have rounded up a list of all the reasons that might compel you to plan your next vacation to incredibly gorgeous Scandinavia.


To witness mind-blowing natural phenomena

Scandinavia is an absolutely gorgeous region, and it’s not only the beautiful and clean cities that add to the beauty of this place but the natural phenomena that occur in the region make for such a great excuse to add Scandinavia to your bucket list right away. Scandinavia is widely known for showcasing Mother Nature’s breathtaking side in the form of a few natural phenomena. If you are fascinated by the idea of witnessing something that can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you must consider visiting Scandinavia where you can admire the midnight sun, the polar nights, and the stunning northern lights.


Everyone in Scandinavia speaks English

For most travelers, the language barrier is one of their biggest concerns, especially when they are visiting a place far away from home with a completely opposite culture and lifestyle. However, when it comes to Scandinavia, it shouldn’t be a concern at all. Most Scandinavians speak English, children are taught this language in schools. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the language barrier posing any problem in Scandinavia. Also, you can choose to learn a few Scandinavian phrases, which will help you in the long run.


For great outdoor events

One of the best things about Scandinavia is that its natives know how to live in the moment and make it theirs by making the most out of even the smallest things. They are one of the happiest people on this plant, full of life and high spirits. And when it comes to having some events and social gatherings, you might be left shocked by the number of outdoor events that are hosted almost every week in this region. Scandinavians certainly know how to have fun, and if you are looking forward to having the same kind of blast during your trip to Scandinavia, make sure to check their monthly calendar, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.


Amazing transportation

Besides boasting of clean and beautiful cities, Scandinavia also has impressive transportation, and the fares are relatively cheaper. The distance between the destinations is also pretty short, which makes it easier for you to explore the region more quickly. No matter if you are sticking to just one country or planning to cover the entire region, the cheap and easy transportation makes it easier for you to reach your destined location. Buses, trains, cars, airplanes are available to access throughout the region; it’s up to you how you want to travel.


The food

Scandinavian cuisine is arguably one of the main highlights of this region. Although Scandinavian cuisine isn’t as popular as some of the most highlighted cuisine such as Chinese and Italian, you will certainly be left amused by the variety of foods offered in the region. Besides the IKEA meatballs, seafood is one of their main specialties, with most restaurants serving mussels and other fresh fish. You can also try the beef stew and steaks that are extremely popular in the region.

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