New Caledonian is the home of beautiful teal colored tropical lagoons. Nouvelle-Calédonie is the largest island of the French abroad country of New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific ocean of Australia. New Caledonian is very famous for its untouched tropical beauty and the natural habitat. This island is the perfect place for a vacation for the people, who want to experience a truly tropical vacation.

Therefore, today we are here with top destinations of New Caledonia, which are perfect enjoying your holidays. So, it’s time for you to get excited about this tropical island New Caledonian-as this place is offering you amazing attractions and jaw-dropping scenic views for creating absolute perfect memories in New Caledonian.  

Isle Of Pines

The Isle of Pines is a gorgeous, stunning attraction in New Caledonia. It is renowned as the gem of the pacific ocean. This place was revealed in 1774 by the famous Captain James Cook throughout his second expedition to tremendous New Zealand. The Isle of Pines is decorated by numerous lush green tall local pine trees. Today, this island is occupied by various local tribes. Moreover, the isle of pines is located nearby the swampy coast of pacific blue water. This place offers you a heavenly tropical scenic view of pines trees and gleaming ocean.


While traveling to New Caledonia, you cannot miss visiting Lifou, which is very famous as the major and the biggest island on the archipelago of fantastic coral reef, also well known as the Loyalty Islands. travel around long pallid sandy beaches, remarkable limestone caves, mesmerizing small coves, magnificent cliffs, and majestic grottos. Have a promenade on one of the most fabulous landscapes originated in the Pacific ocean? Lifou is eminent for being the habitat of timber and whaling industries. Therefore, this place offers you the gorgeous tropical beauty of beaches where you can relax and enjoy the picture-worthy views ocean and other things. 


Mare is a renowned untouched paradise offering tropical lush natural beauty. It is the most excellent precious island you can find in New Caledonia. You can discover that this island is separated into eight districts. This island is Decorated by uneven basalt rocks, abundant green forests that are spread till the cliff’s edges and tropical pools that are habitat to incredible turtles and tropical fishes. Similarly, Mare is a supreme vacation destination in New Caledonia. Do not let pass the magnificent chance to discover the stunning beaches when you travel to Mare.

Amedee Lighthouse

Well, this island also offers you beautiful and majestic looking Amedee Lighthouse, where you can have fun watching impressive dance performances and steamy delicious buffet. Do not miss the amusing pleasure of swimming and snorkeling in the miraculous waters of the ocean here. ensure to enjoy the adventure of spectacular spine chilling windsurfing, kite surfing, and paddle boarding on this island. Therefore, visit the adventurous location of Amedee lighthouse to enjoy the beauty of blue waters.


You can find Noumea, which is admired as the assets of New Caledonia, located on the Grand Terre that is the major island of the country. Also, you can take a trip to the sociable regional city when vacationing on the island of New Caledonia. Don’t miss the beauty of gorgeous beaches of Noumea and you experience the local culture and traditions of New Caledonia to gather fresh memories of this tropical lush island. 

Therefore, these were the most amazing and fabulous locations of New Caledonia, so spend your precious time on this island and enjoy the jaw-dropping scenic views and adventure in this cheerful destination to have the best memories. Thus, we hope this article will help you to plan your next trip to New Caledonia. 

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