The Philippines island of Palawan is the tropical home of pristine greenery and stunning beaches. You can relax on the stunning white beaches of Palawan and escape into the tranquil semi rainforest greenery of Palawan Island. Are you ready to enjoy absolute adventurous and relaxing vacay time in the laps of a tropical paradise?
If yes, then this travel blog will help you to prepare an excellent plan for a tropical vacation. Well, don’t be worried anymore because we here with a perfect travel guide that will help you to enjoy a wonderful time in Palawan.

We feel great to tell you that on this travel blog today we are here to give you exclusive information about Palawan. If you are ready to take a tropical holiday trip then have a closer look at this travel blog. We are sure after reading this you’ll be excited and crave to have a wonderful vacay time in Palawan. Thus, without wasting no time let’s check out everything about Palawan Island.


Majestic Beauty Of Underground River

Palawan has one of the most untouched and jaw-dropping attractions for the tourist, where you can enjoy a great time and take away epic memories. One of the most remarkable attractions that you can see is the longest Underground River of Palawan. In the natural and aquatic habitat of this attraction, you can go for boating capture the unbelievable spectacular beauty of natural caves, tunnels, and the serene turquoise blue water. So, add this wonderful attraction in your travel list and capture the splendid scenic beauty of the Underground River in your camera.


Chill In The Stunning Beaches Of El Nido

In the northern Zone of Palawan Island, you can relax on the white sand beaches of El Nido. If you want to enjoy easy sunny weather then you can explore the beaches of El Nido and relax in the tropical white beaches. Apart from this, you can enjoy classic seafood cuisines, drinks, cocktails, and excellent dishes of the Philippines. Well, the best thing about the beaches of El Nido is they are the most spectacular and stunning attractions on the Palawan to enjoy the worthy serene time. You can click Instagram worthy pictures of these beaches too.


Adventures To Explore In El Nido

Well, El Nido is one of the most popular adventure sports for the people who love to enjoy excellent adventure time. For them, El Nido has a variety of adventure activities that they can enjoy scuba diving and cliff climbing too. Well, Palawan is indeed filled with the splendid beauty of nature therefore for the adventurous people; they can go for scuba diving and check out the lavish lush beauty of coral reefs and tropical aquatic underwater life of sea creatures. Apart from that, you can also enjoy cliff climbing on the top of Taraw Cliff. For sure, from the top of the cliff, you can see the island from a birds-eye view.


Plunging Natural Beauty Estrella Falls

One of the lush natural aquatic spots that you can capture on Palawan Island is Estrella Falls. The gushing serene sounds, plunging clear pool of water and the natural green habitat of Estrella falls will take your breath away. The clear turquoise waterfall is one of the heart winning natural destinations on this planet where you can enjoy a good time. Apart from this, you can also explore the perfect spots like Bakbakan falls, Tay Tay, and Starfish Island of Palawan Island. You can take your kids to the Conservation Park and National Marine Park too.

Therefore, these were the top vacay spots on the Palawan where you can enjoy fantastic tropical holidays. Thus, don’t forget to explore in the local areas of Palawan too and capture wonderful memories on the Palawan Island.

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