Traveling with friends is one of the best things you can do in life. This gives you the memories of a lifetime and makes you remember this beautiful time together. But everything comes with some cons and if you know what they are in advance, you can take care of them prior. Having to compromise or adjust in some situations is natural and that must be taken sportingly. Before planning any trip with friends, make sure you pay attention to details and take everyone’s ‘yes’ in the process. We have listed some tips that you should and shouldn’t do while you are on this squad trip. Make these tips your roadmap for vacationing with friends!


Specify your budget

All of us crave that one squad trip because we know it is going to be the best one ever! But as long as planning is concerned, everyone is good at it. When it comes to money and budget planning, all of us fail miserably. This is because money concerns usually bring tiff amongst a lot of people and when it is your own squad, you need to be careful in this aspect. It is important to specify your budget and then plan the trip because nothing comes free. You need to analyze the budget of each person in the group and then agree on one reasonable amount that suits everyone. Planning the trip first, making all the arrangements and then splitting the overall amount is not a smart thing to do. It is a smart move in short trips or casual outings but for a vacation, specifying a budget prior is the best thing to do!


Decide on Time vs. Money

Here, the thing is that either you can save money or time. Only one of them can be duly saved by compromising some aspects of the other. This is imperative and unavoidable because what happens is that you have to reach somewhere faster and all you can get is a cab that is charging a whopping amount. Now, in such a scenario, you have to compromise the money aspect. This understanding is very important because otherwise, the entire trip becomes havoc. You need to understand what your friends are like. If they are more into saving money, then plan your trip accordingly. Make necessary arrangements prior so that there is no hustle at the last moment. If they are more into saving time, then you can be more relaxed and call it one day at a time. These aspects must be discussed in advance.


Fussy about food is a big no

Whether you are traveling with a vegan friend or with a fellow non-vegetarian friend will affect your food choices a lot. This is something you already know but still make a fuss about it while you are on the trip. The thing is that when you are traveling in a group of friends, you need to be flexible about a lot of things. Adjustment is the key. It is not like you have to do all the compromises alone, everyone does it. But you need to have an open mind and welcoming thoughts about things that are not your cup of tea. Harmony and adjustment are very important when it comes to group travel. So, in case you are the one to get all rigid and fussy about food choices, then you should choose your travel friends carefully.


Solo time is no harm

There is no ground rule to group travel that you have to spend each second of your trip together. This is definitely not a good practice because everyone needs some alone time. This does not mean that you are ignoring someone or trying to pull off a solo trip midway. This is important because you might want to do some things on your own. You might want to explore some places all by yourself. Everyone has some personal travel goals and that’s why there is no harm in solo time. If you want to explore different things or eat at a different restaurant as a part of your own travel goals, then you can do it without any second thoughts. Give your friends a break and set out all by yourself for a great time alone.


Phone > Friends is not a good habit

The people you are on a trip with must feel that their existence is important. If you keep on splurging over wifi everywhere because you have to do your own thing, then this would result in fights and arguments. It is good to look over your phone every once in a while or to talk back home, but the constant use of your gadgets is mere disrespect. Your time with friends on this vacation can be truly cherished only when you set aside your gadgets and talk to each other more. Explore different places together and spend time with them because that’s what you will remember for years to come. Set aside your phone and spend some real quality time.

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