Spending winters in Europe is one of the top wishes of any traveler. Winters is a whole another experience in Europe. Countries look extremely beautiful and are decorated so beautifully they look surreal.it looks like straight out of a fairytale with the white snow covering the place. There are so many places you can visit in Europe and enjoy the winters here. Here we are going to look at one of the beautiful countries of Europe, Austria. The country looks enchanting especially in winters and thus attracts a lot of visitors who visit this place for its landscape, festivals, and activities.

Look at the list of places you can visit in this mesmerizing country and enjoy your winters.


How can one start a trip to this alluring country without going to the capital city? The capital city of Austria, Vienna is such a mesmerizing place to be and visit, especially during the winter season. The whole city is covered in a thick layer of snow and makes the place look alluring. You can go and ice skate in beautiful skating areas made for the public. During the festive season the place is decorated in such a way it looks magical. When here visit the museums, galleries, explore the city, and view the grand architecture of the place enjoying your vacations here.


If you are looking for some peaceful vacations where you can enjoy your time exploring the place looking at the alluring scenery in front of you and an extremely photogenic place where you can click as many beautiful photos you wish to then this is the place for you. This is a small village that is extremely scenic by being surrounded by mountains and a lake. Imagine the beauty you can explore when visiting this place in winter. The snow covering everything makes the place look more magical. You can enjoy some skiing or dog sledding here or can visit the world’s oldest salt mine here in Hallstatt.


This is the place for skiing lovers. This place has had skiing open for almost 200 days and has so many different ski runs with different difficulties. Anyone, either a beginner or a pro in skiing can enjoy skiing here. This place is ideal for sports lovers as it can offer so many kinds of sports with such beautiful landscapes and terrains. You can enjoy skiing, winter hiking, and even sleigh riding here in this town. This town is a blend of traditional and modern facilities and different restaurants where you can enjoy a beautiful meal while looking at the snowcovered mountains.


Another town that is known for being one of the best where you can enjoy skiing to your heart’s content. This place has some mesmerizing villages where you can enjoy and explore the architecture of the farmhouse and huts. They also have amazing buildings that have infrastructure that helps you enjoy winter sports. You can explore the cross country tracks or can look around the famous silver mine here. Enjoy your stay here in this mesmerizing alpine valley.

Zell um see-Kaprun

One of the ideal places to visit when in Austria is Zll um see-Kaprun. This place is one of a kind. If you are a fan of outdoor activities and want to enjoy the snow and the mountains then you can participate in skiing. Not only can you enjoy skiing but you can also learn how to ski here. If you do not wish to ski then you can get to the Ice Camp where you can enjoy being in and around igloos and enjoy the mountains and the scenery while listening to music and having drinks and snacks.

Get captivated with the stunning and astonishing landscape that leaves you mesmerized. This country has so many different places to visit and enjoy a wonderful winter holiday with such winter sports and activities that you can enjoy. The places are astonishing and are decorated with lights and lanterns during the festivals and even when there is an event taking place. The time between November to march is when people enjoy visiting this country just to properly enjoy the winter season. Plan a trip to this beautiful country and get to experience and explore this winter wonderland.

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