Street Shopping in Bangalore

From flowers and fruits to clothes and jewelry, this is a fun tour in the street market zone of this lovely city-Bangalore, the capital city of India’s southern state of Karnataka is what we all know is nicknamed as the Indian Silicon Valley and undoubtedly is one of the most fun loving and busiest cities in the country. The lively streets and the amazing people together make this city worth visiting and what you can’t resist is the urge to go street shopping. Bringing you is the list of top street shopping spots in Bangalore. Let’s explore!

Street Shopping in Bangalore:

  1. City Market: City Market great selection of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables is what you’d find here in City Market. This place serves as a wholesale ground for all the vendors in the city who flock in here to get their supply of flowers and veggies. Several kilos of flowers are sold every day. To get the best and the fresh produce make sure you reach here early in the morning.
  2. Gandhi Market: one of the most lively shopping spots in the city the Gandhi Market houses shops selling all varieties of items ranging from locally made medicines to garments. The place is popular for its exhibition of religious items. Also there are stalls selling street foods you might love to try while shopping. Vidyarthi Bawan is one place you cannot miss because of its lip smacking delicacies.
  3. Commercial Street: come here and shop anything! The city’s most well-known area housing stores for fashion clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and almost anything you feel like buying. A bargainer’s paradise, you can spend several hours hopping from one shop to another.
  4. Avenue Road: Avenue Road this one way street is one very crowded street in Bangalore due to obvious reasons and the crowd never seems to cease. What you’ll find here are beautiful heritage buildings, jewelries, stationery shops, clothes, food stalls and of course second hand books-a great place if you love reading. You can also sell your old books here.
  5. Chickpet: located near the Avenue Road, Chickpet is one of the oldest shopping spots in the city. The place has narrow streets but it’s fun shopping here. Popular for varieties of sarees and dress materials at wholesale rate, there’s another place Balepet selling locally made musical instruments.
  6. Malleswaram: the 8th cross market in Malleswaram has the busiest streets in the city and is buzzed by the locals. What you’ll find here are fruits, vegetables, clothes, crafts, utensils and almost everything. During festive seasons the prices seems to hike.
  7. Dubai Plaza: Dubai Plaza a must visit for anyone looking for fashion solution at affordable prices. Shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and anything to compliment your fashion statement.
  8. National Market: tech stuffs? This is the place to be. The National Market offers tech items, clothes and accessories. You can shop for mobiles, cameras and any sort of electronics you wanted to buy. But you got to be careful of the fake or defective Chinese items being sold here with fake labels.
  9. Jayanagar BDA Complex: this place is located opposite the main bus stand and houses stores selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, groceries, household items, books, gifts and confectionery. You got the explore the shops for the best prices.
  10. Brigade Road: Brigade Road a popular shopping destination selling mid to high end items. The place is equally frequented by locals and tourists alike. What’s nice about this place is that the alley where the shops runs are being protected by rails making way for a footpath where you can safely walk and shop without being worried about any vehicle crossing by. There are also vendors in the streets selling affordable watches and t-shirts.

The next time you’re in Bangalore make sure you visit these shopping spots for a splendid shopping experience if you haven’t already!

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