The Beauty of Middle East

We all have heard that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but sometimes there are things that no one can avoid praising it. This phrase is applicable to appreciate the beauty of middle east countries. There are a few places in the Middle East where people can actually find their love for fine dining, great shopping, history and culture, world-class hotels, restaurants and resorts.

Most of the people do not know that the Middle East is full of inclusivity such as its luxury hotels, architectural uniqueness, fashionable departmental stores, fine restaurants, breathtaking beaches and exciting activities, modern shopping malls and culture glory are something which one must not be aware of. Along with a little hot climate, you can enjoy a truly amazing vacation with a difference. The Middle East tourist places provide people with a great opportunity to explore the ancient historical sites and western enhancement. It’s a high time to change your list of travelling and add middle east countries into your future destinations to travel for a remarkable holiday experience.

Beauty of Middle East:-

Israel: Israel is one of the beautiful countries in the middle-east. The famous cities of Israel like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the top big metropolitan cities of the country but a way different from each other. A very different kind of choices to visit can be found here and named under one of the most beautiful cities around the world. Israel is a country where the history of the emergence of civilization exists and it is full of religious and holy spots along with a multiethnic city having holiday points, remarkable nightlife and beach pleasure. The modern city has everything one can just think of and is truly a place where one wants to be at least once.

Qatar: A really small nation just 15000 square km- small here means just the area else Qatar is among the wealthiest nation in the world. Qatar is remarkably known for its oil and gas richer areas and of course due to the high value of its currency it is not everyone’s cup of tea to travel Qatar. Having a number of deserts and coastal areas moreover its unique rock foundations feel like the blessing of nature to Qatar. The Doha desert in Qatar is still not much visited and can be enlisted at top of your visit to Qatar.

Jordan: Jordan is a beautiful destination and a remarkable wonder of the ancient world which is being cherished from years holding irreplaceable sceneries and historical spots. It has always loved as the premium destination of the tourists because of its red coloured natural rock creations. Petra is a city in Jordan which has been recognized as a world heritage from UNESCO. Jordan is a brilliant idea to visit but it would double your excitement if travelled in winters.

Turkey: Turkey is a popular tourist destination with a great number of beautiful attractions including stunning mosques and museums. All the places in Turkey are of course beautiful but the most visited destination till now in Turkey is Istanbul. The largest and the most hazardous city in the country because of its small bazaars which are famous for shopping with huge bargains, and festivals. Aghia Sophia, Topkapi and Blue Mosque are some of its main tourist spots where people definitely love to visit. You would easily find a mixture of the culture of Asian and European people.

Abu Dhabi: One of the most famous and easily accessible place in terms of money, which a budget traveller can also afford is Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. The country really holds the roots of its culture by living its history. Tourists can easily find luxury hotels for the stay, restaurants for refreshing and cheer up. The main tourist attractions here are Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the souks, Heritage village and Khalifa Park etc. Overseas people in the city come to enjoy their vacations and explore the new things by discovering its history, religious sites and modern architectural transformations.
Abu Dhabi

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