If you’re wondering to visit Europe in the fall, this post will guide you to the best destinations you can add to your itinerary!
There is no shortage of opulence and exquisiteness on the continent. Europe is lavish and utterly gorgeous at every mile but there are some extremely appropriate places for planning a fall vacay. You won’t have experienced fall ever before like you’ll do here!
And, since you’ll be visiting Europe during the off-season you’ll get a chance to discover Europe with fewer crowds. The fall season is the off-season in the country when it comes to tourism and thus you can visit Europe without breaking your savings.
Europe is beautiful every season thus we won’t believe summer to be the only best time to visit the continent. Even if you’re visiting it in the autumn, you’re about to create some great memories.


Munich, Germany

Autumn is the best season to visit Munich. Oktoberfest the popular beer festival of Germany starts from September end and pulls mass crowd from around the globe. Thus, you get to see choked streets with the crowd from around the world. In November, you can also capture the TANTZ, the popular music festival. So, we’re sure you’re pretty much aware by now of what autumn Europe trip has for you!
The weather here during the fall season is delightful and pleasant and you can relish walks at the gardens and guided tours in the Old Munich Square. The town is very popular for attractions such as Pete Church, Munich Residenz, City Hall, and Hofbrauhaus.
Munich is the old charm of the country and this is the best place to explore the controversial and enthralling history of the country.


Budapest, Hungary

If you’ll be visiting Budapest during the autumn season, you’ll surely have a packed trip with tons of food festivals in September, the Art Festival in October, and the popular wine and cheese festival in November.
The autumn season brings endless hues of attractiveness and events. The entire place is soaked in the shade of autumn foliage in various colors from green, orange, yellow, to brown, rendering a breathtaking view all around.
There are so many things to see and do in the capital but one thing we want you all to must add to your itinerary is the very popular dinner cruise at the Danube (river), surely you’ll be left stunned!


Paris, France

This comes as no surprise!
While Paris is an all-season travel destination but we believe the autumn season adds warm hues to your journey.
You know the best part of visiting Paris in the autumn is that you’re left with tranquil lanes as half of the crowd is gone with the summer season. You get a chance to explore Paris like a local.
The top attractions in the city include Eiffel Tower, Trocadero Gardens, Champs Elysees, and the Louvre Museum. There’s so much unique and interesting to do in the city during autumn.


Brussels, Belgium

The autumn season glorifies the beauty of the place and gives you the perfect photo days. Sightseeing in the city includes guided walks at Grand Place, day trip by train to Bruges, City Hall Museum, Comic Strip, and Brussels Mini-Europe (amusement park).


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is certainly very stunning in the autumn. Everything turns out to be so beautiful in the city during the season.
The lanes decorated with autumn foliage tempt to relish long walks. The must-do things during your trip include capturing the Dutch moorlands, relishing seasonal dishes, visiting Soestdijk Palace, and visiting Kroller-Moller Museum.

So, these are the top 5 destinations you can visit in Europe during the autumn season. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help in planning your itinerary!

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