Kyrgyzstan is one such place in the world where no matter how many days you are approaching to explore, you always end up staying a little longer. The scenic beauty of the place captivates your soul. Kyrgyzstan is a delightful destination engulfed with massive, rugged mountains, glaciers, high-altitude lakes, authentic local life, diverse culture, relishing cuisine, and modern architecture all this serves a jaw-dropping scenery as a whole. The place is a travel paradise for all the budget travelers around the world. Tourism is still just developing in the country, making it a great place for even those who want to escape the crowded tourist destinations.

If Kyrgyzstan is still not on your bucket list these top attractions will surely propel you to do. Just pack your bags and embark on your life’s most happening itinerary ever!

Swim in the Issyk Kul Lake

Issyk-Kul Lake is the second largest salt lake in the world, the seventh deepest lake in the world, and Kyrgyzstan’s largest lake which falls in the northern Tian Shan Mountains in the eastern part of the country. I hope these peculiarities are enough for you to add this to your bucket list. The lake is surrounded by snowcaps yet it doesn’t freeze which makes it a perfect stopover for migrating birds, this serves as a perfect icing on the cake for all the birders. A lake swamped with breathtaking views.

The northern part of the lake is more developed with resorts that get crowded usually in summer months. However, the south shore of the lake is much quieter and perfect to chill. You can enjoy amazing canyons, horse riding and staying in the yurt camps. After having a nice swim you can relax on the Cholpon Ata beach of the lake. Kul is a very refreshing option.

Hike over the Tian Shan Mountain

Tian Shan Mountains is the epicenter of the country, which attracts most of the traveler around the world. The vast mountain range in Central Asia brings you varying landscapes, high passes, stunning lakes, and the spectacular pyramid of Khan Tengri. Besides the giants as Jengish Chokusu (7439m) for experienced mountaineers, there are numerous trekking routes for an average trekker too. The trekking route takes you through 3 valleys and over 2 passes to 2 secluded mountain lakes with impressive embracing views along the way. The city of Karakol is the starting point for trekking in the region.

This place is for sure the highlight of Kyrgyzstan’s itinerary; the place gives a true experience of unique landscape off the beaten paths!

Explore the metropolis Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital city of the country, which is a clear testimony of modern Kyrgyzstan and monumental architecture. The place is embedded with an array of awe-striking spots and is one of the most photogenic cities of the country. The tree-lined city is an extremely walkable, clean and green city that offers delightful spaces to relax in. The top attractions of the place are Osh bazaar (large bazaar with food, clothes), Ala-Tooo square history, Ala Archa National Park, and Burana Tower.

Try Horse Riding in Kyrgyzstan

Not trying horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is like going to New York and not visiting the Statue of Liberty. Horses are an important part of Kyrgyz culture. Locals usually grow up with horses. They are a part of their family and their lives. Usually, every person over there is a trained horseman by birth. So, I hope you got an idea of how important horse riding is when you explore Kyrgyzstan. You can ride them through the unrivaled mountains and steeper roads. They are for sure a perfect ride.

Jyrgalan Valley

Jyrgalan valley is a true hidden gem. Though tourists often skip this place we highly recommend you to pay a one day visit to this place, if you want to discover the authentic village life.

The valley offers several outdoor activities to try including trekking, biking, hiking, freeride skiing, authentic lodging, horse riding and more. The valley is covered with snow-covered peaks that are lush to watch for every adventure-seeking visitor. You can surely assign a day or two to this place from your overall itinerary. You will be mesmerized by the profuse scenic view offered in the valley.

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