It is a must to try the local food when you are in any new place to complete your trip. How can you travel somewhere and not try the local cuisine and the famous dishes of that particular country or city? There is just so much to explore when it comes to food and knowing more about the area with the help of it. Here you are going to know about different kinds of food you can try when you are traveling to Spain. Spain is a country with rich history and culture and amazing cuisine. This beautiful country with amazing landscapes and beaches is a beautiful place to spend your vacation at.


Try some of the delicious food when you are here in this beautiful country.

  1. Gazpacho

This is one of the most common summer smoothies you can see in Spain. If you visit Spain in summer you can get this drink in every corner and every nook of the place. This is a smoothie made out of the freshest and red tomatoes that are then blended in with some olive oil, bread, garlic, cucumber, and some peppers. This is blended till it is smooth and then stored so that it can cool and become ready to drink. This dish is so fresh and refreshing, ideal for a hot summer. You should try ut when you are in Spain.

  1. Tortilla Española

This is a simple dish that consists of eggs, onions, potatoes, and some other ingredients but this dish is delicious. The onions and the potatoes are cooked on slow heat and then after they are cooked the eggs and other ingredients are added into it. This simple yet tasty dish is something you should try when you are in Spain. You can get this from any restaurant or any local dine-ins.

  1. Patatas bravas

In simple words, you can see fried potatoes. But this dish is anything but just some fried potatoes. This dish changes a little bit depending upon the area you are having it. Different places in Spain make different kinds of sauce to top it off on the potatoes. Usually, the ingredients in the sauce are olive oil, garlic some spices with broth, and flour. People change ingredients a little bit and make them accordingly. There will be a rare chance to see tomatoes in the sauce of patatas bravas.

  1. Pisto

This dish can be called the ratatouille of Spain. This dish is similar to that dish and with a few variations, this is one of the common dishes here in Spain. You can have it anywhere in the country. This dish is slow-cooked and is extremely flavourful and fresh. You can have this dish at any dine-in in the country. Usually, this dish is presented as a starter and can be paired with some eggs or something else but you can also have this dish as a side dish along with your main course.

  1. Pollo al ajillo

People in the valencia region eat rice every day and have such a huge variety of rice dishes in their region. You can try several rice dishes when you are here, one of the popular ones being Pollo al ajillo. The main ingredients of this dish are rice, beans, usually runner or butter beans, some meat like chicken or rabbit, and saffron. This rice dish is flavorful and delicious. The rice absorbs the flavors and altogether makes the dish tasty. You should try different rice dishes when you are in this area of the country.


There are several other dishes that you can try by going to some high-end fine dine-ins or by just roaming around and going to cafes and local shops. You should try authentic Spanish cuisine when you are here to complete your trip. These are some of the dishes that are famous in Spain and that you must try when you are here. The flavors the authenticity, the freshness, having a delicious meal enjoying the landscape around, is a great way to enjoy a getaway. Pack your bags and grab a flight to this Mediterranean country and enjoy the landscapes and the stunning beaches here. Enjoy your time here.

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