A stunning Italian region full of medieval towns and forests and its amazing cuisine. This town is a small town with a serene landscape such as mountains and forests and ruins from medieval times. When people visit Italy they often visit the famous locations and tourist attractions and very rarely does these towns are visited by travelers. Small towns have a rich culture, history, landscapes, and life away from the fast-moving cities. This is a beautiful place to visit when visiting Italy. Enjoy wine with the local delicacy look at the scenery in front of you and get to have a soothing and relaxing vacation.

Here is a list of places you can visit when you visit Italy and want to have a soothing and peaceful vacation with your friends and family.


This hillside town has so much to offer its visitors. This is a stunning town that sits on the top of cliffs and has such a serene view. You can visit this place and get to explore its amazing architecture, the tombs, monuments, and other buildings that date back several centuries. There are museums for you to learn about the history of this place and explore the artifacts present there. This is a peaceful town away from much traffic and thus is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Get here and shop at the local shops, get some handicrafts, drink wine, dine at local restaurants and enjoy your time.


This is a town famous among tourists as well as pilgrims. This place has spiritual essence to it as the town here St. Francis used to live and pray.  This place also has a centuries-old temple that is now used as a tourist attraction. This is an old medieval town with beautiful streets and medieval buildings. You can explore the streets of this town and get to see some amazing churches and even some Roman ruins. Learn some of the history and culture of this town and click some amazing photos in this picturesque town.


You just need some hours in a day to explore this small town. This town is full of small streets with stunning flowers creating a vibrant atmosphere. This is one of the stunning towns here as it gets painted in different hues during dusk and dawn. If you are someone who is interested in churches and the architecture around then this is the place for you as this has a huge number of churches that you can visit during your stay. You can get amazing photos here as this town has some amazing views. This town is also famous for its flower festival.

Lake Trasimeno

This has to be one of the beautiful places to be when in Italy. This place is surrounded by towers, churches, and other buildings along with some vineyards and villages. This is an ideal place to have some relaxing vacations where you can hike, bike, have some relaxing time at the beach, and whatnot. Along with these activities, you can go and have some amazing wine, with delicacies and local cuisines here. You can go explore the building nearby or can enjoy a lovely sunset while sipping some wine.

Monti Sibillini National Park

If you are looking for some outdoor activities, then this park is the place for you here in Umbria. This place has lakes, villages around. You can bike, hike, or even rock climb when you are here. Not only that you can get to see some wildflowers here. This place has its own history and folklores that you can get to know about when you visit this beautiful place. Hike to the peak and get to look at the scenic beauty of this place.


Now you know a bit about this beautiful place that is also known as the green heart of Italy and get to know how this place can be a beautiful place for you to spend some time here. Siping the wine and having the local cuisine while relaxing around is such a sweet getaway to get a break from the cities. You get to explore medieval towns, serene sceneries, beautiful streets, waterfalls, and other amazing places. This is such a  stunning place to miss. Make some plans and visit Umbria as soon as possible.

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