Malta is known for its perfect blend of antiquity and modernity. The navel of the Mediterranean, Malta is a popular tourist destination. The island houses dramatic cliffs, eye-catching landscapes, breathtaking views, ancient buildings, and old houses with colorful Maltese balconies. Though the place is very crowded and one of the most populous countries in the world still there is enough space for the world’s traveler. Due to the rich and powerful history of the country, you can spot a plethora of historical sites and monuments and that too with complimentary pristine beaches and delectable gastronomy. The country is a perfect spot for all the Avant grade travelers who want to seek everything from one place.

What makes the place even more striking and special is everything is so connected and at a short distance. Everything is not more than 30 minutes away isn’t that great? Another great feature of the place that makes the world’s travelers coming is the balmy weather of the country, no matter when you decide to visit the place, the island always hosts you with pleasant weather implying you don’t have to consider any season to travel Malta.
If you are underwhelmed with where to go when in Malta we have got you covered. We have picked the top sights you should visit in Malta.


The Island of Gozo

Surrounded by deep blue waters the island Gozo is an idyllic tourist spot. The tiny island comes in the top-rated Maltese destinations and for all the good reasons it has reserved. The island is a perfect spot for a relaxing vacation with plentiful of pristine beaches. The island Gozo is less developed than the rest of Malta but it offers a bucolic landscape that serves as a delicacy to the modern world. The small farms, rolling hills, striking valleys, finest old fishing ports, and old churches everything makes Gozo a hype.



The town Rabat dwells a plethora of noteworthy tourist attractions that make the town a great addition to your Malta itinerary. Among all the assortments of historical treasures, the finest of all is the Case Bernard which is a majestic 16th-century house that belonged to a noble Maltese French origin family. The Case Bernard is still a private residence but guided tours are opened for the public. Another striking heritage attraction in the town is the 17th-century Church Of Saint Paul and adjacent to the church is the Wignacourt Museum that displays the vast collection of Punic-Roman Artifacts.


Blue Lagoon

If you wish to get immersed in the most stunning view of the Maltese archipelago, The Blue Lagoon is your ideal pick. The island is deemed as the slice of ecstasy in Malta. The crystal- clear turquoise water dotted over a vast stretch of white sands makes the place an ideal haven. The extensive lagoon gives a vibe of a giant swimming pool. The lagoon is rolled in with exciting stuff that offers you great relaxation. The water here is temperate and with no waves and is possessed with a shallow end that is safe even for children- so all swimmers do head to this place.


Dingli Cliff

Dingli cliff is the highest point in Malta about 280 meters above sea level. The cliff offers awe-inspiring dramatic coastal scenery with crystal blue water all around. You can spot a tiny chapel dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene that is unfortunately closed for the public. The striking seaside view makes the long walking trail up the hilltop all worth. A pro-tip all those who have decided to visit the place keep in mind that there a no restrooms or cafes up there.

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