New Zealand, the country lying in one isolated corner of the Asia-Pacific world, has been quite a favourite among globetrotters for its obvious modest temperate climate and sharp mountains of the South Alps Range that source the country its main attraction. The country is home to many endemic members of Pacific wildlife that will stun you at the very moment. But as you are wandering through the city streets, you fall deeply for its exclusiveness too.
So here, we are discussing the many things that you would want to buy for yourself that you can’t get enough of anywhere else.

Some New Zealand things that will worth your every penny

1. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey comes from the nectar of manuka bush blossoms just like litchi honey comes from the nectar of litchi fruit flowers. So, by the tasty notes of the honey, you would know where your bees were snacking! Manuka one is not as gel-like and clear as the regular honey we consume, but the texture seems more creamy and the color is cloudier. It is known as a panacea locally, known for its antibacterial properties, so it is used to treat wounds, and acne, hydrate the skin and help a sore throat.

2. Wine


Blame the country’s closeting, it gets loads of sun and less exposure to hot and humid chaos, and the temperature remains temperate for some fine things to be manufactured all year round without much shifts from mother nature. One of them is their wine which is world famous for its fine quality. Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, etc. are much in demand across continents. Take one bottle home for your family to have a taste too.
One of the best-tasting Asian perfection!

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Jade Necklaces

A priceless purchase, these necklaces are centered with a jade figure carved with a smooth finish so it doesn’t hurt the skin. Jades have been a local cultural symbolism of deeper human relationships. And you will find plenty of men and women stomaching it with purity beneath. The distinctive green color of jade makes it an instant choice for pieces of jewelry. Headed home and can’t think of a gift for your love? Get hold of a jade necklace/locket. That easy!

4. Nature-derived Handbags

Nature-derived Handbags

As you know, the indigenous people of Australia known as Maori people, had a sharp eye for forest-dwelling and they came up with handicrafts that are unique to them and New Zealand. One of the same is their handbag industry where everything comes from nature. The fibers can also be procured from the flax leaves. A very unique concept of wildlife utilization, this bag is purely handmade with natural ingredients, much simpler and lightweight.

5. Shell Jewelry

Shell Jewelry

The famous shell from the New Zealand waters is the Paua, the name locals like to call it. The shell is uniquely colored in blue and green, shining like a hologram, the same is used to make very attractive jewelry pieces like pendants, and earrings. They are also great options when it comes to gifting someone special. It is exotic, magical, and has a lovable vibe that your friend will love and cherish for a long! From the shell, there are paua pearls harvested that have the same tantalizing breed of colors.
Since the biodiversity is so breathtaking in New Zealand, the country is recognized as a wildlife hotspot too. As you see, the items listed here are not only rare but also pretty and their use has been immensely adored by the locals who manufacture them and use them. You now must have an idea of how connected the preciosity of the land is to its flora and fauna that their every craft finds clear reference to it!

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