The USA is not only one of the dreamiest countries for many travelers to visit but it is also one of the most popular destinations in the world that is home to so many hidden treasures. From showcasing the most breathtaking and stunning landscapes to displaying a vast collection of many iconic sites and landmarks. When it comes to listing things to do and see here, you would probably fail to name them all and that’s the power of the USA which attracts a huge number of travelers each year. The country is packed with some of the most amazing experiences that can truly make your trip to the states a memorable one. However, if you are planning to visit the USA anytime soon, then you must go through this article where we have listed a few things for you that you should probably be aware of. Bear these things in mind before you finally pay a visit to the United States of America.

The country is really huge!


By huge, we mean really very huge. While most of you may already be aware of this fact, but for some who don’t really have much knowledge about the country, they should know that the USA is split into different states and regions. The country is home to 50 states, which are further divided into different regions namely- South, Northwest, Midwest, and West. Each region is known for different geographical conditions, for instance, the Midwest region is widely known for grassy plains, beautiful stretchy lakes, and large lush forest, whereas, the main highlight of the northeast region is rocky coastlines and mountainous regions. 

It’s basically this huge that even if you have to travel from one state to another, taking an example of Los Angeles to New York, it would probably take your around 40 hours excluding stops to reach via road. Hence, flying is always a better option.

Tipping custom

Unlike many other countries like Australia, China, Denmark and many more, the USA has a different tipping custom. In the country, you are actually expected to pay a tip to your server or the waiter for their service. Although this might not be a written rule, you are expected to pay a tip of around 15% to 20%. The reason for such high tipping is the low wage which is being used wrongly in different places of the country. No matter, if you are at a parlor, cafes, restaurants, or salons, you will be expected to pay a tip to almost every place. So, always carry some extra cash with you as you would probably be required to pay especially when you have received excellent services.

Always come prepared with extra cash at the counter

This may come as unexpected, but when you purchase any goods or services in the country, the amount displayed on them might not be the actual price you will have to pay at the counter. This is because all the prices displayed on them might be excluded from the sales taxes, hence, you will be charged extra at the counter. So, the next time you go out to purchase any goods or services, be prepared to expect a slightly higher amount than you would have anticipated. You can expect at least 10% of the addition to your original price. 

The weather varies drastically


The USA witness all different season but that doesn’t mean the whole country experience it all at the same time. The weather and the geographic conditions vary from region to region meaning that when one region is experiencing spine chilling cold weather, the other might be burning like crazy in hot and humid weather. And for that reason, always bring your clothes based on the area you are visiting and at what time of the year you are traveling to the country. 

There’s more to the country than just famous tourist spots

America is best known for its bright bustling cities, impressive skylines, and stunning views but there’s more to it than just famous traveling spots like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and many others. Explore the unexplored and other hidden treasures of the country and make your trip to the USA a memorable one. Visit the national and state parks preserving large natural spaces which can you absolutely visit for free. The other hidden gems of the country are Utah, Arizona, Oregon which offers some of the most spectacular and astonishing views and is home to several lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, and lush greenery. 



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