Moscow is one of the popular and magical travel destinations where you can explore the most inspirational and wonderful architectural City in Europe. Every year approximately millions of travelers come and visit the mesmerizing architectural beauty of Moscow. If you are planning for a trip to explore the marvelous architectural city, then Moscow is the best destination for you. From the stunning churches, majestic building and the Red Square is the most top rated spot in Moscow to explore. Today we are here with an enigmatic guide for Moscow that will help you to plan an underrated excellent trip to Moscow city.

Does it make you feel curious to get details about the jaw-dropping destinations of Moscow? If yes, then gear up yourself and go through this amazing travel blog and read about the top attractions of Moscow city that you can explore. Well, we are sure that these excellent guides help you to plan an unforgettable and thrilling trip for your lifetime. So, let’s have sneak on the information that’s mentioned below.


The Red Square

Red square is one of the popular attractions in Moscow where you can capture the incredible pictures of Saint Basil cathedral. The Red square is surrounded by State historical museum, Lenin mausoleum, and two beautiful cathedrals. The square is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites and every year millions of travelers come and explore this amazing the Red square. The beauty of Red square is popular among all the attractions that are located in Moscow and don’t forget to get click majestic pictures of colorful St. Basil Cathedral. Therefore, roaming in Red Square will help you to discover the jaw-dropping traditional architecture of Moscow.



Kremlin is one of the most incredible architectural structures that were constructed in the 15th century. The Grand Kremlin Palace is one of the most breathtaking architectural masterpieces that you can see from your bare eyes in Moscow. The massive buildings attract travelers to unravel the beauty of this identifiable structure. Therefore add this royal traveling structure in your travel list and explore this stunning traditional architecture of this 15th-century palace. Also, Kremlin is a top-rated travel spot in Moscow that everyone wishes to see. Thus, whenever you travel to Moscow, do remember to discover and click the stunning beauty of this Royal Kremlin.


Lenin’s Mausoleum

Linen Mausoleum is located in the center zone of the Red square. The Lenin’s Mausoleum is the resting space for Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. In the present day, you can see the Vladimir Lenin body resting in a bulletproof glass sarcophagus. The Lenin’s Mausoleum is also the most happening spot in Red Square where you can watch parade and events. Therefore don’t forget to discover the legacy of Lenin by visiting Lenin mausoleum. Apart from this, you can also explore other wonderful spots like Museum Of Cosmonautics, Moscow Metro Station’s Architecture, Arbat Street, and Moscow State Integrated museum too.


Tretyakov Gallery

This Tretyakov art gallery is one of the largest and most traditional spots, where you can discover more than 180000 artworks and traditional sculptures. The most amazing fact about this gallery is it is full of traditional and classical forms of art and the red and white architecture the gorgeous detailing on the gallery makes it send jaw-dropping spot for the travelers. It was constructed during the 20th century, and in the present time, you can unravel the history of the painting culture, the culture of Russia from their ancient times. If you are looking forward to exploring some more places like this, then All Russian exhibition center and Gorky Park are the most exceptional beautiful spots located in Moscow City that you can travel around.

Therefore, this guide has helped you to get details about the attraction of Moscow. Hence, now it’s your time to plan an amazing trip to Moscow City, to discover the fantastic traditional architecture and history of Russia.

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