One of the most beautiful cities, San Francisco is like the jewel on the crown of the USA, that is California. With the historic stories, parks, beaches, and many other places of attraction. Also, San Francisco is the hub of entertainment in California. Likewise, San Francisco has always been a popular place to visit. The delight of visiting the place has always been great.

Thus, here are some of the places in San Francisco that are pretty attractive for the tourists visiting the area. These places are pretty common and also are very famous. The unique culture of the city makes the places even more mesmerizing for the people who are visiting. Hence, that is why they are here on the list of Top Tourist attractions in San Francisco.


Golden Gate Bridge

Titled as the most photographed place of California, this place is surely very beautiful. Also, the Golden Gate bridge is the California icon situated on the San Francisco Bay. The orange bridge contrasting the blue water makes it the perfect place to visit. And also, if you are lucky, you will be able to see the low-lying clouds that will make the photograph the great one. Moreover, if you visit this place at night, then you will be able to see the flood-lit structure, and that is equally mesmerizing. Hence you can not miss out on this place.  When it was made it took approximately almost four years to complete. And that is why you must visit this place.


China Town

There are many China Towns in the US, but why this is the best? Because the San Francisco China Town is in the other dimension of beauty. Basically, it is the largest China Town out of Asia, and also the oldest one in North America. Also, this China Town was destroyed in the year 1906, because of the earthquake. And it was made again, it became even more attractive. Now, it has temples, theatres, workshops, and also small shops, and these places of attraction are the reason, why China Town is on this list of Top Tourist attractions in San Francisco.


Palace of Fine Arts

This palace is basically the last structure that is the remaining from the Panama Pacific Explosion that happened in 1915. This is one of the most famous historical places situated in San Francisco. Also, this is such a beautiful place, and this is because it is situated on the lagoon, which reflects the image of the palace on the calm water. Also, some ducks are swimming in that calm water, making the view even more attractive. This is also a great place for theatre, and almost 1000s of patrons can be seated in the theatre.


Twin Peaks

For the finest views in the city, you can go to the Twin Peaks. These are basically the 2 hills, that are more than 900 feet high. You can go to this place pretty easily, all you have to do is just drive on the north hills, park the car, and you are ready to go. For great activities like trekking, hiking, etc. you can certainly consider, the Twin peaks. This is the only hilly place in San Francisco that is not rebuilt and also it is in its original state. To enjoy the low and cool breeze you can consider this place.


Asian Art Museum

The most important museum in San Francisco, opened in 1966, has the basic collection from art collector Avery Brundage. He has a real collection of some great artworks, and when he died at the age of 88 years in the year 1975, the museum was built then. Also, this museum has an epic collection of bronzes, ceramics, and many other architectural fragments from Asian Countries.


Thus, these are some of the great attractions of San Francisco. As the city name itself says it all, but there are certain places which you must visit. And Hence, these above-mentioned are the perfect one’s for you that are the Top Tourist attraction in San Francisco.

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