Sometimes things don’t work out the way we had planned, the outcome turns out to be the complete opposite of what was expected, and this also happens while you are on a trip. When it comes to vacations, nobody makes mistakes on purpose, they just happen, and that could be because of lack of knowledge or merely some misunderstanding, but these things could easily ruin the vacation. Which is why, it’s always suggested to get yourself familiar with a few things about the place you are supposed to visit so that you know if you are doing the right thing or committing a mistake.

There are different rules for different destinations, and when it comes to Mexico, we have got a couple of travel tips that every person traveling to this country should know beforehand for a better and hassle-free travel experience. No matter if it’s your 1st or nth trip to Mexico, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to planning and packing for your trip.


Do some basic research but don’t over-plan

When it comes to planning for your trip to Mexico, while it’s always a great idea to do some basic research about the country and collect important information, you don’t have to go too deep with all that research thing. The best memories are made out of impromptu things; hence it’s better to keep yourself unaware of a few things. Let things unfold on their own; this will help add more fun, curiosity, and excitement to your trip.


Don’t overpack

Packing is one of the main aspects of your trip, and when it comes to packing for Mexico, you should try to pack as lightly as possible. There’s no need to overpack, you don’t need to carry your entire home with you to the country. Additionally, it’s best to leave expensive jewelry and other valuable items back at home. As far as clothing items are concerned, that completely depends on what time of the year you will be visiting Mexico. You can check the weather forecast just to get an idea about the weather you can expect so that you can pack accordingly.


Do learn some phrases in Spanish

Spanish is the official language of Mexico, and if you are completely unfamiliar with this language, then learning a few phrases in Spanish would definitely come in handy. While there are some sections of people in Mexico who know how to communicate in English, most Mexicans outside of the major beach destinations don’t really know how to speak in English. Hence, it would be better if you could just learn some basic phrases in Spanish. Other than learning some Spanish phrases, you can also carry a phrase book or use a translation app.


Don’t drink tap water

Tap water in Mexico isn’t considered safe to consume. You should avoid drinking water from taps at any cost unless you want to get sick on your trip. Instead of tap water, you should purchase bottled purified water that is completely safe to drink. You can easily buy these water bottles from local shops lined across the streets. They are easily available and super inexpensive. And if you don’t want to use plastic bottles, then you can bring your water purifier, which you can use to purify tap water.


Do slather on your sunscreen

If you don’t want to end up with a bad sunburn at the beginning of your trip, then you should make it a point to wear your sunscreen daily before stepping outdoors during the day while in Mexico. Considering the sun tends to be pretty strong in Mexico, it could easily leave your unprotected skin burnt, hence always make sure to slather on a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin, even when it’s gloomy outside.

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