Istanbul is a beautiful and marvelous city full of wonderful culture and history. It’s one of the most breathtaking cities present in this world. Istanbul is the abode of spectacular architecture, luscious food, and for the overwhelming hospitality offered by the people of this wonderful city. But, Hagia Sophia is the most magnificent and spectacular cathedral located in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia is an extraordinary accomplishment in Istanbul’s history of architecture. This masterpiece is existing evidence of true revolution besides the decree of physics. Hagia Sophia is the majestic monument who has importance across every height of the border. 

Well, if this year you’re planning to travel, then you must visit Hagia Sophia for sure. Hagia Sophia is also one of the most visited museums in Turkey and all across the world. And, today we are going to give every majestic detail of Hagia Sophia, to ensure that whenever you visit Turkey, this place should be on the top for the travel list. Therefore, keep reading this article and get to know about every detail and exciting information about this grand architectural masterpiece.

How To Reach To Your Destination?

You can go by tram or by double Decker buses to reach Hagia Sophia. Also, if you prefer exploring cultures and different lifestyles of other countries, then you can walk to Hagia Sophia. And, most importantly you can get buses from the main bus stand which is Sultanahmet Square. Therefore, pack up your bags to step in the area of the country of history and breathtaking architecture, Turkey. And, travel to Hagia Sophia to see mesmerizing and outstanding Beauty Of Architecture.

Some Important Information About Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, one of the important one of the unique and remaining monuments in the architectural history of the world. Also, Hagia Sophia reflects true vintage beauty and it is a perfect place to see art history. The popular Hagia Sophia museum is identified as a true architectural masterpiece.

As per the details provided by the Byzantine manuscript of the 9th century, the first architect named Hagia Sophia as Efratas. And, Hagia Sophia was destructed 3 times according to history and currently, it is surviving as the third structure.

Hagia Sophia is also known as the pearl of the historic peninsula, as this beautiful Masterpiece stands very close to the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul city.

Major Highlights Of Hagia Sophia Artifacts

As Hagia Sophia itself is so opulently and creatively ornamented that Byzantine Emperor Justinian declared, “Solomon, I have outdone thee!”

And, so you can take your time and see the beautiful mosaic designs and architectural details of Hagia Sophia.

  • Virgin Mary Mosaic
  • Ottoman Tombs
  • Weeping Columns
  • The emperor Door
  • The imperial Gate Mosaic
  • Islamic Scriptures

Best Time To Visit Hagia Sophia 

March to Mid-June is the perfect time for visiting Hagia Sophia and Istanbul. During spring and summer season, the weather of this city stays moderate and pleasant. Also, you can visit during the autumn season too, in September and October. Avoid traveling during the winter season because you’ll experience cold and chilly temperatures with rainy weather. So, wherever you plan to visit Hagia Sophia, ensure to visit during spring and summer season.

What To Avoid

While traveling to Istanbul, when you are ready to visit Hagia Sophia ensures that you don’t visit that place during Fridays and till 3:00 pm. Just because you can experience crowded surroundings and people who are there for prayers. So, it is preferred for you to travel on Thursdays and Wednesdays to experience the true beauty of Hagia Sophia. 

To see this spectacular structure of beauty you need to pack your bags and step into the beautiful city, Istanbul. Apart from Hagia Sophia, you can also visit other beautiful places in Istanbul. You can experience the scenic beauty of the legendary architectural pieces of Turkey. Therefore, you have got the total information about Hagia Sophia, so whenever you visit you will have every aspect of spending your best time in Istanbul. 

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