Turkey is a stunning country to be in and to spend some of your vacations in. Ankara is not the first place people tend to plan their vacations. This capital city deserves more recognition and attention as this city has so much to explore and can be such a treat for travelers. If you are interested in knowing and learning about the culture and history of turkey then you should visit this capital city of Ankara.  This place is rich in history and culture with so many historic buildings that narrate their story. There are so many beautiful places to be at, so much to learn and explore, and such amazing dishes to try when you are here in Ankara.


There are some places that you should definitely visit when you are traveling to Ankara, Turkey.

  1. Anatolian civilization’s museum

If you are looking for someplace to learn more about Turkish history and to learn about Anatolia’s history. There are numerous historic remains that narrate different stories from centuries ago. You can get a look at the painting that is known to be one of the world’s earliest town maps. The halls have different areas given to different eras so that you can get to know more about the eras that flourished during different time periods. There are several stone reliefs and several other things from these eras that are displayed here in the museum.

  1. Visiting Ulus for Roman ruins

The capital of Turkey is more than just a modern capital city. This place has been a place to reside and settle for many centuries and thus this place is home to so much history and so many historic buildings and ruins from centuries ago. You can go around the city to look for the history that happened here. If you go to the downtown of Ulus you can explore the Roman ruins. There are remnants of Roman temples, Roman baths, and even the roman theatre tath once seated some thousands of people at once.

  1. Ankara State Opera

If you are looking for some cultural evening where you get to know more about Turkish music, entertainment then you should plan an evening in the Ankara State opera house. Here you can view some amazing performances of Turkish ballet, theatre, and opera. You can get to have an amazing time here enjoying some ballet or some Turkish theatre. This venue is not just for ballet performances or for some theatrical performances but also holds some music performances and some music festivals.

  1. Gençlik Park

This park is a break from city life. So much greenery around the park, people visit this place to spend some time with friends and families to have some fresh air and to have a picnic in nature. This place is a great break from the bustling city life, here you can visit the amusement park that is there with several rides such as Ferris wheel, roller coasters, bumper cars, and many others. This can be the place where you play and can bring your kids if you are traveling with them to provide them with some entertainment and fun.

  1. Visit the citadel area

Having a walk in the neighborhood of the citadel area and looking around, exploring the neighborhood is a relaxing trip. This area is full of cobblestone streets, adorned with houses built in the era, some still there getting restored while others not so much. This area is a great walk down the history to know more about the architecture of the era. There are several shops where you can get some souvenirs and some traditional crafts to bring home. Have amazing Turkish delicacies in cafes in this area. You can also visit Aslanhane Cami, an interesting mosque with a stunning interior.


Plan a trip to this beautiful country and spend some days here in the capital. There are so many different tourist attractions that you can visit and explore in this country as well as in this city. You should plan a trip here and spend some days in this stunning country, enjoy their history and rich culture, have some amazing Turkish delicacies, sceneries, nature, sea, and whatnot. Turkey has a lot to offer its visitors. Have a great trip to Ankara.

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