Germany is a beautiful country to visit. The culture, their cuisine, the scenery and architecture, the history and everything this place has to offer attracts travelers every year. People get attracted to the festivals and events, the stunning castles, with amazing people and their lifestyle, the nightlife, parties, etc but what about the places that are not known or are not on the traveler’s list. Along with the main cities like berlin and others, there are several other cities that are rich in culture, history, have a lot to provide a good vacation to their visitors but are not much famous among them.

Presenting you a list of some of the underrated places you can visit when visiting Germany and enjoy your stay there.


Hohenzollern Castle

Germany has a lot of alluring castles with amazing architecture and scenery around. This castle sits on the outskirts of Tübingen and now is gaining some popularity and becoming a known place among tourists. Build on a hilltop this castle has a lot of scenery around it that you can enjoy when visiting this place. You can get a tour around and in the castle and get to experience and explore the royal and lavish life inside the castle. You can see the family tree that adorns one of the walls of the castle too. Get yourself a tour of the alluring castle and explore the area.


Being the financial hub of Germany, Frankfurt is a bustling city to visit. You can get to see a lot of trade events occurring in this city. Along with being a busy, financial city, this is a beautiful place to visit. This city has a lot of architecture to look at, streets to explore, history to learn, and culture and diversity to look at. You can visit different museums present here to learn more about their history. Not only the history, but you can also enjoy the modern lifestyle of this city, the skyscrapers, the city center areas.


This place has its own history and is famous among the people. Nuremberg is famous for its Christmas market. This place has so much to offer its visitors. You can visit the city wall and can explore the castles here. You can go and spend some time in museums, churches and other historic buildings and monuments here. You can have a family outing in the zoo or can go around and explore the city. Have some of the famous delicacies of this city and spend some days here in this beautiful place.


The port city, Hamburg is a busy city and is a great place to spend some of your time. This port city has a lot to offer to its visitors but is often neglected. This place has a beautiful city hall that is full of several shops you can explore and shop at. You can also get a boat tour where you can get to experience the best view of the water and the city. You can visit the amazing and beautiful beaches this place has and spend a good summer day here.


This is an old town that takes you back in time. You can still get to see the cobbled streets and timbered houses. The town is almost the way it was hundreds of years back and thus should be one on your list to visit. You get to explore the old town and get to know more about the architecture and lifestyle of the people around. You can get to the national park and enjoy mountain biking there. Enjoy your stay or a trip to this old town in Germany.


These are some of the underrated places you can visit when you are visiting Germany. Visit these places, small towns, cities, and historic places to get to know more about this country, its people, and its history and culture. These are some of the beautiful places you can stay and spend some of your time. Let’s not wait further and plan a beautiful trip to Germany and spend some time in this European country. Add these places to your list of places you will be visiting when in Germany. Have a great trip ahead!


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