We are always eager to explore, dig the world to find the lesser-known yet extremely striking destinations that not only captivate our soul but etches an indelible experience in our mind. With jam-packed tourist destinations that the majority of people visit, we are here to reveal you the best-kept secrets- that won’t be a secret anymore. The lesser crowd, picturesque natural-scapes brimming all around, the world is full of such places that are yet to be excavated and made into a tourist hotspot.

Travel these days has lost its charm with visiting all the tourist-trapped destinations it’s time to kick-off some off-beat sojourn. Undoubtedly, those tourist-trapped destinations are phenomenal but this generation of travelers is seeking secluded beauty spots. Global travel has been amplifying tenfold with only a few spots bearing the major volume of visitors, but when other places offer you the same vibe with seclusion, what would you choose?
The world is beyond our imagination and the extent of beauty it’s blessed with is immeasurable and unexplored. Through the feed, we will like to introduce you to the treasures of the world that should be visited more than the cliché tourist destinations. So, are you guys ready to unfold? Keep Reading!


Farewell Spit, New Zealand

This massive sandspit is amazingly spectacular and breathtaking. With the extensive sea on one side and cushy water on the other, the Farewell spit is something unusual to explore. Beyond the jaw-dropping view, the sandspit has reserved a bird sanctuary and a natural reserve where you can spot more than 90 bird species from bar-tailed godwits, knots, whimbrels, to curlews. The Farewell Spit draws out to 34 km long vast stretch that makes it the greatest natural sandspits in the world. The best way to explore such a vast stretch is to board 4WD safari and get soaked in an indelible experience. This place is definitely noteworthy.


Jaffna, Sri Lanka

The northern province of Sri Lanka offers you the out of the ordinary scenery. As you head from Colombo to Jaffna you are showered with the greatest scenic beauty en route. The ancient city is a hidden gem brimming with serene views all around and striking spots. You can visit Kovil Hindu temple, which is just stunning, or wander around the local markets and buzzing streets, savor the sizzling seafood, or trek to the Dutch Colonial Fort known as the Jaffna Fort. Despite all this, the place includes Casuarina Beach, Nilavarai Bottomless Well, and Murikandy Pillayar Shrine that are all worth visiting.


Margaret River, Western Australia

The wine wonderland Margaret River is just a beautiful Australian slice. Bounded by the ocean from three sides, the place is just otherworldly. And if you are thinking why the place is known as the Wine Wonderland-more than 200 vineyards spanning the place produces Australia’s premium wine and hence it’s known to be the producer of world-class wines. The balmy climate, unique maritime culture, sizzling seafood, pristine beaches, and all that with fewer crowds makes Margaret River a perfect getaway.


Zebra Migration, Botswana

Wildlife migration is a phenomenal thing to experience and which happens in every region but Botswana’s Zebra migration is the longest single southern African migration you could ever see. The mass Zebra migration happens twice a year and involves herds of Zebra moving from north to south. If you are an environment enthusiast, this would be an amazingly off-beat experience to crack. The best places to witness this natural phenomenon of movement in Botswana are the spectacular natural parks of Botswana: Chobe National Park in the north, Makgadikgadi Pans national park in the south. The best season to visit this Zebra migration is from April to October and November to March.

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