Having a dog in your life feels like an absolute blessing, and it comes with various benefits. But the problem arises when the dog owners have to travel, and they have no one to leave their dog behind with or simply don’t want to leave it behind. Considering dogs are considered a family, just the thought of leaving them behind often leaves the owners in a state of confusion and helplessness.

While bringing your furry friend on road trips is still manageable, air travel with your dog is not as manageable, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Air travel with dogs comes with its own set of rules and costs. There is a whole process that you will have to follow in order to bring your dog with you on an airplane. If it’s your first time traveling with your dog on an airplane, you might be having so many questions in your mind, and we may have answers for those.

We have put together a list of some tips and tricks to fly with your dog.


Cabin or cargo hold

If the idea of having your dog around you on an airplane makes you feel much safer and relaxed, then you should definitely keep your furry friend with you in the cabin. And if you don’t mind putting your dog in a crate in cargo, then you can go ahead with this plan. However, every airline has different policies; their policies can differ for pet travel. If you wish to keep the dog with you in the cabin, the decision will depend on various factors such as your dog’s weight, size, temperament, and the availability of allotted space.


Try booking your flight early

Given the fact that flights tend to have limited space for pets in the cabin, it’s best to book your flight super early in order to ensure that you get a coveted spot. Also, try avoiding booking your seat in the exit row; since this space is used as an emergency exit, most airlines don’t allow keeping pets in that row. Additionally, if you are traveling during winter and your pet is in cargo, make sure to book a day flight and if you are traveling during summer, make sure to fly early or late in the day.


Take safety precautions

Prevention is better than cure; therefore, it’s best to take all the safety precautions to avoid causing any kind of problem to anyone, including your dog. Apart from your health and mental condition, you should also take your dog’s mental and physical state into your consideration. If your dog isn’t at its healthiest best or is elderly, fragile, and weak, then you should avoid flying as it might put your furry friend in unnecessary danger. Why take any risk with your pet’s life when you can easily choose to travel by train or in your own vehicle, even if it means a long road trip. Additionally, you should always check with a veterinarian to see if your dog is good to travel and can handle the travel stress.


Things to pack

When it comes to packing for your furry friend, you need to make sure that you are bringing all the essentials. Apart from getting pre-flight health certificates from a licensed veterinarian, you also need to make sure that you have the current vaccination details of your dog at-hand. Also, don’t forget to bring current prescriptions and medications, if any. In addition to that, pack other essentials like a travel water bottle, a blanket, a soft toy, etc. to keep your dog comfy and happy.

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