Situated along the U.S. Route 98 in the state of Florida, Panama City is a beautiful tourist destination that is famous for multiple reasons. While this might not be one of the top tourist destinations in the US, it manages to attract a decent number of tourists that immerse themselves in the beauty of this spectacular place. Home to an array of pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, shopping complexes, and restaurants, Panama City is brimming with a myriad of things that every tourist would want to indulge in regardless of their interests.

The entire cost of your trip to any place largely depends on factors like accommodation, food, transportation, etc. and all these things also apply to Panama City. If you are planning to visit Panama City but are worried about your budget, then this article might prove to be of some help to you. We have jotted down a list of some tips and tricks that will help you to enjoy your vacation in Panama City in a much more affordable way.


Beware of guides

You will come across many strangers offering guide services while exploring Panama City. Not all the guides you will come across are actual experts, some of them also tend to fake themselves as tourist guides, and therefore you should beware of them. If you don’t wish to take a guided tour of the area or don’t feel right about the person approaching you to give you a tour, then you can straightaway decline the offer by politely saying ‘no, thank you’. But if that person continues to follow you around, then you will have to be a bit firm while declining to take their services.


Go on a day trip to Taboga Island

Home to fine beaches and interesting history, Taboga Island is a short drive from Panama City. With palm trees swaying over golden sandy beaches and lush greenery surrounding the island, this place is sure to blow your mind away with its spectacular beauty and the number of offerings. Visitors can indulge in a myriad of fun and adventure activities on this island such as hiking, cycling, scuba diving, etc. The landscapes and architecture can be pretty fascinating here, giving you a chance to indulge in some photography.


Admire the top view of the city from a mall

The best views of the city are often served at fancy and upscale restaurants, which can be quite expensive. But you don’t have to spend a hefty sum of money in order to get the best view of the city; you can simply visit a mall to take in the view of the city while enjoying your food. The MultiCentro Mall offers one of the best views of the city; you can visit its food court to enjoy the view while relishing your food.


Try to negotiate taxi fares

Most taxis and cabs in the city don’t come equipped with meters, which means you can negotiate taxi fares. Drivers charge you based on travel time and distance, but the prices can vary. If you don’t feel convinced with the taxi fare, you can try to negotiate with the driver prior to departure. You can move to another driver if you feel you are being charged too much.


Food isn’t always served fast

If you are expecting a fast service at restaurants in Panama City, then you might be a bit disappointed to know that the food isn’t served fast at most restaurants in the city. You may have to wait for a while before your food is served. Therefore, plan your entire day accordingly.

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