Vietnam-Destination of Staggering Natural Beauty

Vietnam is the most exotic and compelling to attract tourists and providing Unforgettable experiences everywhere in the country. If you have bills to pay then Vietnam has chills and thrills to pay you back. A little physical effort using motorbiking will give you many surprising experiences in Hai Van Pass situated at the center of Vietnam. The National Park and the most unusual caves of Phong Nha-Ke are way too inspirational for everyone present there. The people who really want to sweat hard they can try kitesurfing and the other option is the hiking over the hills of Bac Ha and Sapa. Vietnam is also known for its marvellous spas ranging from the luxury hotels and restaurants to the simple domestic run by the families at a very cheap price and weird food is also something to try when in country.

Vietnam-Destination of Staggering Natural Beauty

Mekong Delta: There is a vast Delta in the south of Vietnam known as the Mekong Delta surviving with the many rivers and marshes. The life in the Deltas are very tough actually for the people who are not habitual of it but spending some time on vacation is really enjoyable. You would find everything floating on the surface of the river such as vegetable markets, daily used things and even the houses or what so ever you can imagine of as there would be no land under your feet. The main mode of transportation here is the boats and tours of the region often start in nearby Ho Chi Minh City, a lively town situated in the heart of the delta.

Mekong Delta

Cu Chi Tunnels: 
The Cu Chi tunnels started to built in the late 1940s and took almost 25 years to complete in Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. These tunnels are schmoosed under the earth and it’s a big network on which the country is working. These tunnels represent a massive war museum in Ho Chi Minh and offer visitors a sneak-peek at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers. It was said that if the Cu Chi Tunnels fell down, the Vietnamese would have lost the war. But if they stood, they would win. It is a famous tourist centre at present.

Cu Chi Tunnels


Hoi An: Hoi An is a city in Vietnam known for its exceptionally reserved Ancient town at the bank of the river. The former port reflects the city’s history in its architecture, a mixture of wooden Chinese houses and temples to with the French colonial buildings with decorative Vietnamese cylindrical houses and the iconic Japanese art of pagoda. Elegant and historic Hoi An is Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town for spending holidays and discovers the best time and places to visit. It is a part of UNESCO world heritage as an ancient town.

Hoi An


Ha Long Bay: Situated at very near to the Chinese border the Halong Bay is a wonderful natural property located at the north of Vietnam known for its bright green water ponds and islands full of minerals. The expeditions to the kayak through the junk boats can take the tourists at a ride to the Stone Dog and Teapot islands. This part of the country is very popular for the scuba diving, hiking and mounteenring especially in National Park of Cat Ba. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1994 it is among the best tourist places to visit for.

Ha Long Bay

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