As February approaches, so do people start searching for places where they can peacefully enjoy the winter sun. So where are you planning to get your next dose of Vitamin D? At this time, you may find crowded beaches as almost all of us think of heading out for a vacation. Here we are listing for you some awesome places that you can plan to visit during your February vacation.


This is the city for you if you are a party person and want to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. Miami has some of the happening nightclubs and bars you would have ever visited. And all the restaurants and bars of the South-Beach are super-crowded at the time of this month. The temperature of the place is between mid-twenties at this time of the year. The biggest advantage of visiting the city during February is that it remains free from the Spring Break rush that generally turns the metropolis into a big number of college students.


You won’t be able to find many hot spots in Europe and that too in February. But Andalusia that lies at the most southerly province of Spain is truly worth a visit. You would find the temperature around 20C here around the end of February. We suggest you go to the Costa Tropical that lies in the province of Granada where you would find Moorish watchtowers and a coastline of coves. Here you will also witness the dense groves of avocados, bananas, mangoes, custard apples and other crops that are found in the Mediterranean. It has a subtropical kind of climate that gives you 320 days of sunshine a year, with mild temperatures in winter. Enjoy the famous Flamenco festival in the city of Jerez that generally starts on February 21.


You may not be knowing that but Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. It is one of its kind and is so vast in size that it is divided among three countries. The list includes Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. But you will find the most number of visitors in the Malaysian portion of Borneo. The travelers get attracted most of the time to this part because of the stunning attractions it has in its vicinity. You can go on a hike up Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, or stau in the capital city of Kuching. Choose to go to the beaches that lie on the West Coast or to the beautiful rainforests that lie in the interior part.


How can a list be completed without the Maldives if we are discussing islands and beaches? This archipelago nation lies in the Indian Ocean with a total of 1192 islets that are spread across 35,000 square miles of water and 26 atolls. In case you are searching for something different and that has a vast variety, then do not visit the Maldives. It is certainly not the kind of place you are looking for. The template of the landscape is a total of a traditional kind including swaying palm trees, azure shallows, and golden sands. You must come to this place if you are in a search of beach luxury and a place where temperatures lie around thirties celsius.


Oman is an Arab country that lies in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a place where you will find the finest of the winter sun you are looking for, but certainly not the one as grand as Abu Dhabi or Dubai.  Zighy Bay and Sur would act as the perfect beach escapes for you and your family. Visit Muscat, it is a city that has often been underestimated but has a great sense of sophistication and culture.

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