Hawaii is the ultimate destination to satisfy your hunger for vast beaches, sandy toes, sunkissed hair, and crazy nightlife. It has that bohemian feel to it because you spot random people strolling in the day at night on the streets and beaches of Hawaii. It is guaranteed that you will not experience even a single moment of dullness here. It will come to you as a surprise and dwell your soul to another level. Situated right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is known as a honeymoon destination as well as a party place for all the solo and group travelers. If you want to have the ultimate fun of your life, visit Hawaii with your friends. It will not disappoint you. we bet! With a blend of breathtaking geological structures and breezy oceans, it has something for everyone. We will call it heaven on earth for being such an amazing combination!

Traveling to heaven will definitely cost you a fortune and burn a hole in your pocket. But if you believe us, you can have the best time of your life in Hawaii on a budget as well. You just need to plan it the right way and then take your toll on all the right places.

Visit during early fall and winter season

Visiting any destination in the right season is very important. Firstly, for the ultimate enjoyment and secondly, for cheap flights. Usually when the fall season onsets, the flight fares drop down to a reasonable value and that’s the trick. Plan your visit during this time tactfully and book your tickets in advance for the ultimate benefit. Airfare is something you should always spend on strategically and that’s why we say go around this season and save a lot. During January and February, there are a lot of impressive deals too. You can grab them and have the most of these sporadic deals. Wintertime also experiences less foot traffic so you can have the entire place to yourself.

Budget homestays and hostels

Instead of opting for fancy hotels and resorts, plan your budget and look for homestays. Homestays are a great option when it comes to budgeting. And that doesn’t mean they have low standards. No way. Homestays and hostels are fancy with all the essentials and facilities. Plus they will not even burn your pocket. If you are planning a budget trip, you are going there for the place and not for the hotel. So spend wisely, look for online deals, home rentals and then make your decision. There are a lot of cheap options in Hawaii in the beautiful local streets for backpackers, solo travelers as well as a group of friends.

Free sightseeing

The best of any place never comes free- is what everyone says. But we say it can! If you want to enjoy the landscape view of Hawaii and sandy beaches, go for major sightseeing attractions. Some of them have minimal to no entry fee at all which is definitely a great thing for your budget trip. Just because you can’t see everything doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a look at the Hawaiian culture. Look for abundant hiking trails in Hawaii as well as the Diamond Head state monument. The entry fee is a mere 1$, voila!

Food trucks instead of luxury food

Going to a new destination always calls for tasting the local food as much as you can. You are there to look around and have fun. This is not the time to just sit on your kind bed in a fancy hotel room and ordering the luxurious and expensive food. This is the time to explore the streets and grab a bite at the local eateries. Look for funky food trucks that are a highlight everywhere nowadays. They have the best local food cuisines and that too on a budget! Hawaii has plenty of food outlets, cute cafes, and trucks near the beach, on the streets, even outside the hotels. This is a great way to save your money as well as tasting all the good food.

Avoid island hopping

Hawaii is a plethora of islands and we know, you don’t want to stay at one. If you are looking for island hopping, well we have some bad news. Island hopping requires a lot of time first of all and more time=more money. Visiting multiple islands is sure to give you a variety of views but it will cost more than you can imagine! So, if your priority is to save money, you will have to kiss goodbye to island hopping. Just pick one island and stick to it. Discover and explore each and everything about it. Honolulu is a great option in this case and it is also cheap and easily accessible.

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