A beautiful country to visit, Finland is a place full of lush forests, beautiful lakes, and stunning coastal areas. Not only the city part of the country but the small villages too leave the visitors stunned by the beauty of the country. The rich nature and scenery where ever you go have to be the best part of Finland. This country is a neighbor of Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Finland is home to a number of lakes, lush forests, architecture, interesting history to know about, medieval castles, cathedrals, shops, galleries, restaurants, northern lights, and so much more that it is never a boring place for the visitors. This country has so much to visit and explore.
Look at some of the famous and beautiful cities you can visit in Finland and enjoy your stay there.
1: Helsinki

The capital city has to be the first one on this list. You can not visit the country and not visit this capital city. Helsinki has so much to offer its visitors. If you are looking for historic heritage then this is one of the cities to go to. Here you can look at the historic buildings and the architecture of that time to learn more things about the country. At the same time, you can enjoy the modern era with shops and boutiques, dining and restaurants for the foodies and beaches to enjoy. Helsinki can be visited in any and every season and time of the year.
2: Tampere

This is the place to have a soothing and relaxing time as this is a laid-back city. Once this was known for its manufacturing industries which are now transformed into shops, cinemas, and other things. This is a beautiful place to be as it has such rich and stunning scenery to view. Being surrounded by two mesmerizing lakes this city has such wonderful sites to explore. This is also the place where you would find a lot of sculptures and art shows. Enjoy the nightlife here in Tampere.
3: Turku

This is the second-largest city in Finland. This city is a combination of rich history and a modern lifestyle. You can beautify cathedrals and the castle is the highlight of this city’s history and heritage. They tell a lot about the architecture and the history of the place. With this, you can enjoy the youthfulness of the place as this city is full of students from different parts of the world. You can enjoy a hearty meal in a restaurant or cafe in Turku.
4: Rauma

Rauma is a port city and is a beautiful and wonderful city to visit. People here celebrate their heritage with a beautiful festival every year. This is more of an old town where you can feel like going back in time and enjoying the old streets and the old architecture of the building and places. Explore the famous market square here in Rauma and see the wooden center that is said to be the largest in the Nordic countries. You can visit this city in summer and enjoy the islands and the summer sun and can visit in winter to enjoy a lot of activities here.
5: Porvoo

Visit the second oldest town in Finland and get to enjoy the old, historic monuments and buildings and explore the cobbled streets in this town. Visit this town which is near Helsinki and get to know more about the heritage and history. This place also has a lot to provide its visitors who like art and culture. Get back in time and explore the old streets of this town and get to see the colorful and vibrant buildings and houses built here.

Having a nice vacation in this beautiful country is sure relaxing and mesmerizing. You can visit the cities mentioned in the list and can also look for some other small towns and villages to visit. Explore nature, watch the stunning northern lights, enjoy their food, have fun participating in different activities here and have a fun-filled time here in Finland. Visit the national parks and enjoy the outdoor activities in the valleys, forests, and lakes here in Finland. Have a wonderful time in this mesmerizing country.

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