Weird Foods in Turkey

Turkish locals savor very delicious food items, without a doubt. But there could still be things that might come as a shocker, especially when you are a first-time traveler to Turkey. Here, we are talking about local foods of the country that are weird in the makeup and ingredients put together. The cooking styles are not the same around the world and if anything that could be off-putting for some people is the ingredient. Let us have a look over some of the weirdest food items that are eaten in Turkey, Asia and you could too if you are brave enough.

Weird Food in Turkey

1. Beef Tripe Soup

Beef Tripe Soup

The creamy and fatty soup uses pieces of beef stomach which has a leathery sweet texture. It is extremely flavorful, relaxing, and aromatic with all the garlic, butter, and bone broth put to work. This seems weird as in you will be putting some stomach into yours, and things like that but the hesitance is short-lived, you can only judge until you have tasted it. There are enough Asian spices in it to draw you to it.

2. Brain Salad

Brain Salad

Be prepared for this challenging mess as it puts lurking difficulty for your brains and tastebuds, in totality. The most intriguing yet, to the point in approach, this dish consists of the boiled and flavored brain of the sheep which is intermingled with tomatoes and raw greens and served on the side. This salad is rich in fats and protein, something you should have on cold days if a regular salad sounds boring. It is eaten around continental Asia.

3. Stuffed Sheep Intestines

Stuffed Sheep Intestines

If you have had sausages or beef intestines already, this shouldn’t bother you much. Yes, the presentation is the key attraction and doesn’t help with the appeal but the aroma acts rightfully in delivering hints of flavor. The sheep intestines are much smaller, softer, and shorter as they are served with stuffings like garlic, onions, herbs, spices, etc., and made very Asian. The plate comes with some gravy laying around which is the extract got from the cooking process.

4. Sheep Testicle kebabs

Sheep Testicle kebabs

Yep, this can be a real challenge. Even fathoming and digesting the fact that people are having it for health purposes largely, can be a bit tricky for many of us. Of course, the sheep’s testicles are cut and barbequed till they gain some char. This is then served either on the side or as a main meal to the aspiring devourer. Your fear can be hugely put to test with this dish, but it will be worth it because once it is cooked like any other kebab, only the taste should matter.

5. Boiled Beef Tongue

Boiled Beef Tongue

Beef tongue is eaten in many other parts of the world, and so does pork butt and beef testicles, so don’t be scared of this one. False alarm, this one is a great food option for those who have a more meat-based diet. You are free to be grossed out but it is a fact, you are just eating just another piece of beef meat. The best tip that the locals can give you is to take a bite with your eyes shut. It will taste just like meat.

Now you know what you have been missing out on. They are nutritious. However, the very concept of including certain things in food culture can be shocking for some people. The taste, strong flavors of condiments, and the sizzle of fats are promised in each one of them. So, you can spoil yourself in a weird but delicious way. You will also know how things that aren’t perceivably foods for us are quite nicely done elsewhere. Realization hits while the soups glide down the throat.

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