Weird Foods You’d Want to Try When in Sweden

Sweden is a gorgeous country in the north of Europe. The swedes’ diet is much locally grown and either freshly farmed or currently foraged. Despite this straightforward fact about the country, being an entity of people still, being much like an isolated country still, Sweden, too, has its fair share of weird foods that baffle the tourists there often. Do you plan to visit the country shortly too? Well, have a look at some of the things that are irrevocably tasty to the local tongue but mess with yours.

1. Surstromming

The packaged headless herring fish is a popular food item here. It comes with some salted flavor and is powerfully packed with nutrients. The locals love their fish and know well how to have them. The weirdness? The fermentation process makes the herring smelly and hence, a little hard to stand for the first timers. Also, the fact that it doesn’t quite fit with others to be made an influential condiment. If it is in your food, your food is defined by surstromming.

2. Palt

This one is a potato dumpling that is made with warmth and fillings of meat, preferably meat. It is served without much color and vigor and is often dull-looking and pale. The dish comes served with some jam, a dash of butter, and milk to drink along. The combination gets as weirder as it gets. Yes, the meat with jam or a plain glass of milk. Then the sad-looking potato can not be appetizing for many of us.

3. Fiskbullar

Fiskbullar is fish balls cooked in Swedish homes. This is a peak example of how simplified Swedish is in reality. Since it is a household name, you know how diversely experimented would have been but people like to keep it simple. The small cod balls are boiled or steamed or its grilled in the oven and then served. It comes with some potato to help better binding. The combination of meat with blandness and nothing on the side can make people reconsider their order.

4. Falukorv

The stark pink sausage offers a joyous eating experience to the locals. The sausage is very smooth and tightens upon cooking. Whatever your sausage order might be, the hotdog style of the sausages is never missed. The flavorings are mildest of the mild and there is lacking diversity. Some hints of smoked meat are always present, which might lure you successfully but other than that, it is hard for tourists to enjoy it fully.

5. Kalvdans

Finishing off with a drizzle dazzle of a dessert, Kalvdans is a milk-based dish very famously eaten in Sweden. With much love and grace, the classic dessert serving is made from the first milk the cow produces right after birth. Its gooey and wobbly texture is often mentioned by the devourers. Many people are weirded out by the texture. But all in all, it warmly reflects the Swedish instinct.


That felt like a roller coaster ride, isn’t it? Well, not everyone is meant to be that brave-hearted to be able to try out these dishes without making faces crossing their food habit threshold. The foods eaten here would not come as flavorful as their Baltic counterparts but essential parts of Swedish food culture are based on freshly procured genius makes and hence, not everyone will call it a ‘go-to’ meal option on the very first go. Try out these dishes and decide for yourself what should be good to go when you are wandering in the Swedish landscape. See what brings peace to you.

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