What Not To Miss in Canberra- The gorgeous Australian capital

Canberra is a gorgeous place with a lot of warmth during the spring. Here you can witness spectacular variants of tulips, it is a visual treat. You will be lost while exploring the bed of tulips, it is available in almost all vibrant colors like yellow, green, white, pink, orange.
The tulip flowers replicates the colors of the rainbow and are the prominent attraction in Australia. Canberra has got everything, the positive vibes of a small town and it makes a great holiday destination. The gorgeous Canberra is a hidden treasure and is carved out of the bush. It still remains the home of Kangaroos.

Here are the best 7 things to do in Canberra – The Gorgeous Australian Capital

1. Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons
In order to get the best view of Canberra to take a hot air balloon, experience the scenic view and treat your eyes. It is best to take a hot air balloon flight during sunrise, you will witness the breath taking views and see the nation’s capital waking up and coming to life. The overall experience is surreal and memorable if you are an adventure lover.
While you are taking a hot air balloon flight you can see the alluring lake, lush green park, boats in the water and bikers on road. If you are lucky you got to witness kangaroos mob hopping in the woods. The overall balloon flight will take about 2-3 hours, end it with a hot breakfast.

2. Lake George
Lake George
Taking a road trip is the ideal choice for enjoying the best version of Canberra. While taking a road trip don’t forget to stop by the splendid Lake George, you can check out bush capital. The best part is, it is available in the natural form and the lake is said to be more than a million-year-old.
The overall length of the lake is 25 kms long. At the lake, you have an option to take a glider and explore the scenic view. If you are not into an adventure you still can take a relaxing walk around the beautiful bank and see the cute sheep hopping nearby. Lake George has few vineyards, you can do some tasting.

3. Explore The Wildlife
Explore The Wildlife
If you love wildlife, you surely would love Canberra too. When it comes to exploring the wildlife, it is just not kangaroos, the magnificent Canberra has a lot to offer like lions and bears. No doubt, Australia is Kangaroo Island, but the Jamala Wildlife Lodge surprises your with enthralling experience of safari and zoo.
For the best wildlife experience, stay till evening and witness other animals like rhinos and giraffes who give company to lions and bears. There are luxurious bungalows and giraffe tree house which makes the best place to explore the wildlife.

4. Picturesque Sunset on The Kayak
Picturesque Sunset on The Kayak
This one is treat for all the nature lover, watch the beautiful sunset while you enjoy kayaking. The view is spectacular and the rays of setting sun will make you fall in love with Canberra.
You can also opt for pedal kayak and watch the swans and ducks. The view is breath taking and should not be missed. If you as a family love picnic by the sandy shores, this is the dream destination which immediately will make your family happy.

5. Food Indulges
Food Indulges
Treat your taste buds with yummy creations. Don’t forgot to taste the sensational unicorn waffles at Canberra. The local delicacies are loaded with rich flavours and should not be missed when you are in Canberra. Keep enough room to explore the top delicacies like duck pancakes they are super thin and crunchy in taste.

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