A vigorous and vibrant island nation of Africa, Madagascar is a total heartthrob! It is inhabited by loving people and creatures from the wild. The land of the famous animated movie series named after the country, has a lot to offer apart from the giant Baobab trees you saw in the movie. When you are here, you are sure to be flooded by a plethora of such things and they are listed below.
As you go through the description, you will know how beautiful the natural and cultural biodiversity of Madagascar in Africa is.

What to Expect While Travelling to Madagascar?

1. Thrill Possibilities

Thrill Possibilities

Here, you will come across interesting topography examples like Mount Ambohitra, Antaninaomby, Tsiafajavona, Ambatondrangahy, etc. that are as grand and visually appealing. Various trails are seen in Isalo National Park, and Parc national des Tsingy de Bemaraha that can cover your thrill syllabus. Also, consider snorkeling with sea life, refreshing and electrifying (beware of electric eels?). Walking through the scary forests can be an added advantage on the island.

2. Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beaches

Being an island nation, Madagascar is bound to have a lot of these. Nosy Iranja, Nosy Boraha, and Mahavelona are some of the most scenic beaches you will ever see. The gorgeous beaches and flora make up for many picturesque views of never seen colors of the Indian Ocean across the white sands. It is so untouched and unexplored that you won’t believe your eyes, especially if you are used to the crowd. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Afrunder the mysterious cover of overwhelming clouds and dark ocean waves.

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3. Succulent Cuisines

Succulent Cuisines

Home-cooked fragrant grains of rice are staples here in African coast life. This is combined with juicy pieces of red meat, chicken, and seafood to create a mouthful of tasty dishes that you can only get here. You will be surprised by the extent of nutritious elements that are put in the modest set of dishes served here. Despite the abundance of flora and fauna, you won’t find any weird or deviant plates but rather something wholesome that is locally grown or found.

4. Paragliding Fun

Paragliding Fun

There is a great scope for paragliding activities on this small island so stop visualizing yourself flying out of the island! The Massif of Andringitra, Bay of Toilara, and Antsirabe are some of the places where flying can be a mesmerizing extravaganza for you! Paragliding is a fun-filled activity not for the faint-hearted, but for the ones who crave tantalizing life episodes and if you are that person, this would feel like an absolute paradise!

5. National Reserves

National Reserves

Madagascar is home to distinctive species of chameleons and lemurs, quite many of them, that are not found in any other land on earth. That means that what this island has is precious and the green panther deserves a sweet exploration. National parks are plenty in Africa and spread over vast expanses that will tire the heck out of you. Must visitMust visit Amber Forest Reserve, Masoala National Park, Betampona Reserve, Analamazaotra National Park, Baie de Baly National Park which are ideal for a wild outing (literally!).


The landscape nestles the people and the wildlife with a lot of compassion as you see in the locals living there. Madagascar secures a place in the heart of any nature enthusiast as does Africa in general. It has the most unique and unusual members from the animal kingdom that are seen nowhere else on the planet. If any of these things intrigue you, Madagascar will be the perfect spot for a traveler like you because you can expect a lot of exploring and mind-blowing experiences here. Come, say hi to the new world!

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