Europe may be popular for places like France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and more, but there’s so much more to this continent than meets the eye. While a couple of places on this continent are some of the top tourist destinations in the world, the remaining ones are often overlooked in the favor of other popular places. Europe is home to more than 40 countries, with each one offering a different experience in terms of history, culture, food, attractions, etc.

If you want to look at Europe from a different perspective and explore a part of the continent that is less traveled, then Lithuania is possibly your best bet. Situated in the Baltic region of Europe, Lithuania is a wonderful tourist destination boasting a vibrant and quirky atmosphere. This off-the-beaten-path destination is home to a myriad of elegant cities and wild nature that add to the beauty of this place and make it worth exploring.

Ahead, we have rounded up a list of some of the most beautiful places to visit in Lithuania.



Vilnius is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Lithuania. Considering it is the capital city of Lithuania, most travelers start their journey from here only, and honestly, it’s a great place to commence your trip. Since Vilnius is a cultural, political, and economic center of Lithuania, it comes as no surprise to spot a wide range of sights and monuments belonging to different periods in this city. The Old Town boasts plenty of Medieval and Baroque structures, including the Palace, the Cathedral, and University buildings. Other than that, the city is also home to multiple art and history museums.



Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania, is yet another amazing destination to explore in the country. The city is gradually turning out to be the party capital of the nation. It is home to plenty of attractions that offer an insight into the rich history of this place. In addition to that, the Kaunas Castle is one of its best highlights, so make sure to check that out as well. You can also take a stroll around the enchanting Old Town boasting pretty cobblestone pathways and Medieval architecture.



Controlled by Germany for most of its history, Klaipeda is a charming coastal city that continues to attract huge flocks of visitors from different parts of the country and world. If you are interested to learn about the rich history of this alluring city, you can visit one of its many museums that are brimming with stories. You can still see some traces of German influence in the city; the Old Town features Prussian architecture that is definitely worth exploring. Taking a boat tour is one of the best ways to explore this city.



Featuring a small cluster of villages, Neringa is easily one of the best destinations to explore in the nation. Tourists looking forward to spending time on the beach usually prefer visiting the resort towns, especially domestic and Russian tourists. The city makes a wonderful destination for a summer holiday, granting the fact that it is home to gorgeous beaches boasting blue waters and soft sands. Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in hiking in the pristine dunes.


Dzukija National Park

One of the many things that make Lithuania a beautiful destination is nature, and when there is bountiful nature, you can always expect to witness breathtaking views and sceneries. Dzukija National Park in Lithuania is one of the most stunning destinations to witness the beauty this nation has to offer. Serving as a means to protect the lush pine forest, traditional villages, and lakes, this national park certainly is one of the best highlights of this country.

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