Zanzibar Island is a precious stone in the water Indian ocean, bounded by beaches that most beautiful among the most excellent beaches in the world. Here you can experience the most exciting water sports services scuba diving and snorkel. Also, you can relax in the most exotic lounges for hours and you can swim in the blue water and have your eyes over luminous tropical gazing fishes, swim with playful dolphins and gaze over the coral gardens. 

Zanzibar Island is the half independent part of Tanzania in East Africa. The capital of Unguja is the Zanzibar City and its Stone Town is known as the historic center and is counted in the list of the World Heritage Site. So, if you don’t know about this beautiful island then, we’re here to give total data about this spectacular place for enjoying a worthy vacation.  

Fall in love Beautiful Zanzibar’s Coastlines  

Zanzibar’s coastline presents several of the top beaches in the world for every traveler. On the east shoreline, you can experience shattering waves over the tropical coral reefs and enjoy you can see small pools of seashells, starfishes and mini fishes floating in tiny pools near the shoreline. Then, you can relax and absorb Vitamin D of warm sun on the beaches of the Northern coastline. 

It sounds so fascinating, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? book your tickets to Zanzibar island and experience the true feel of an exotic vacation. 

Explore the Magnificent Beauty of Stone Town


Stone Town is the mind and heart of the Zanzibar island. You can see the unbelievable fusion of twisted alleys and vintage Arabic-style architectural buildings, and these wonderful beauties will make you feel like, you’re in a magical place. Saturate yourself into the culture of Zanzibar, by drinking local coffee from the local seller to enjoy local flavors. To explore more, you can wander in the local towns, streets, and markets of Zanzibar.

Get Lost In The Greenery Of Jozani Forest 

An enormous and picturesque stretch of green, Jozani forest offers you excellent views of flora and fauna on Zanzibar. Situated near the Chwaka Bay, you can visit this beautiful forest and watch out a thousand species of trees, plants, and ferns. The forest hugs you with free air and an airy breeze. And, we’re sure you cannot find such wonderful green forests anywhere. 

Roam Inside the Palace Museum 

The Palace Museum is also known as Sultan’s Palace. The Palace Museum is conceivably the mainly momentous building in Stone Town. Similarly, The Palace Museum is situated close to the harbor, and it was constructed in the 19th century as a residence for the Sultan and his folks. in the present day, it has turned into a beautiful museum that displays precious leftovers and artifacts of the Sultan family. Therefore, do visit this wonderful museum to experience the vintage and luxury life of Zanzibar’s royal family.

 Explore The Local Spice Markets Of Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is recognized for its spice business and production. If anything makes you feel better then get submerge yourself in Zanzibar’s local culture. travelers can decide from an assortment of the expedition and discover the meandering local streets with specialist travel guides who will notify you of the genesis of the manufacturing of every spice range, as well as educating visitors regarding the extensive assortment of spices that Zanzibar manufacture and deal in.

Therefore, now You’ll be more excited to enjoy turquoise-blue water of the ocean. The spectacular beauty Zanzibar Islands is calling you. It’s time for you to take a break from that same busy schedule escape into the beaches and history of Zanzibar. And, visit these amazing attractions of this breathtaking tropic destination. We hope you are going to experience a remarkable time in the areas and beaches of Zanzibar. 

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