If you ever thought of visiting the snowy expanse where Santa lives, the largest region in Finland is your next stop!
Lapland offers dark polar nights and pristine snowy landscapes all year round so if you love snow, Lapland is your next destination. The region is full of Christmas spirit and the credit goes to Rovaniemi- the hometown of Santa Claus, so if you’ve seen the snowy paths through which Santa comes riding, this is the region!
The vacay to the arctic region is unique and full of exciting stuff, the taiga forest, wildlife, snow-covered coniferous vegetation and a secluded vacay everything makes the place a popular winter destination.
Only of you travel here, you’ll know why the place is known as Winter Wonderland. In the feed, we have compiled adventure things you can do here!


Where Is Lapland?

Lapland is the largest region in Finland. Located on the northernmost part of the country, the land is covered with snow all year round.
It’s the least populated area bordered by Sweden, Norway, Russia, and the Baltic Sea.
The place is very famous for northern lights and a plethora of stunning ski resorts.


Adventurous Things To Do



Skiing is probably the best thing that comes to your mind when you visit snow-covered areas.
Not only skiing is full of fun riding but is also crammed with stunning views that come along the way. If you are the sucker for great views skiing in Lapland is a must.
The perfect ski resort in the region is Ounasvaara, the highest region in Rovaniemi (the hometown of Santa). If you’re skiing here it feels as if you’re experiencing the famous path from which Santa comes.
This the best way to enjoy snow and winter thus must add to your list.


Float On The Frozen Lake

Another exciting and never done thing you can add to the list is floating on the frozen lake. If you have taken a guided tour to the region, this would be there in the package and be assured there are enough arrangements done to make sure you do this smoothly.
You’ll be wearing a special suit that will make sure you won’t feel cold while floating on the chilled water. A hole is done in the frozen lake where you can float. If you want you can also take ice dips and saunas with floating.


Ice Fishing

Never heard of this before, well then you can try this unique adventure on your trip to Lapland. Ice fishing is probably the thing every traveler must try.
While the major lakes in the region become a thick sheet of snow, you can drill a small hole and then put the bait inside the hole and wait for the fish to get trapped.
This is less risky activities on the list and is a great way to relax and enjoy. You can also cook a scrumptious fish meal if you are carrying all the essentials to make a bonfire.


Riding Reindeer Sledge

If you’ve ever dreamt of riding Santa’s ride you have the best place on the earth to live your dream. We believe there is no better place on the earth to try this out than Santa’s hometown Rovaniemi.
You will surely go over the snowfields laughing!


Capturing Northern Lights

One of the most popular adventure things that draw travelers around the world to Lapland is hunting the Northern Lights. The Northern lights are the most phenomenal natural thing to witness on the earth and thus you must add this to the list.

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