What do you picture when you are told of Morocco? Golden sands, blue houses, camels, or handicrafts are commonly visualized by people from different corners of the world. But here in Africa, Morocco is much more in addition to that and quite effectively lures its huge African or non-African tourist fanbase. So, would you not like to take some of Morocco back home when you know very well that the country is rich in beauty? Here is a list of must-haves that you need to procure from your next trip to Morocco!

Some Morocco itmes that you will love to bring home

1. Pottery


Moroccan ceramic pottery has many features:
• Different colors
• Different sizes
• Different purposes
• Different depths
• With or without a lid
• Detailed designs or otherwise, a huge variety
• Attractive finish
Now that we have told you why this is so an amazing purchase, you must be assured of a blind purchase, because there is no way you would be disappointed. They are so beautiful that every shopper keeps lurking on them, let alone a stranded tourist. Once it catches your eye, you are compelled to at least have a look. We suggest you should, indeed have a look and make room for this exotic piece of décor straight from Africa.

2. Argan Oil

Argan Oil

You must have heard of argan oil which is frequently associated with the country in the beauty industry. This is because Morocco famously grows the kernels with pride because it is only found there. It is of much importance to the Moroccan economy because of its excessive demands in the beauty and wellness industry. You must know it as a staple of hair care regimens, here you can find plenty of that raw elixir and load in some before you head out of the continent!

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Brass Lamps

This one can’t miss the eyes! Brass lamps are famous among buyers in Morocco because of their glaring insides and equally structured lamp bodies. The lamps come in various sizes and shapes, depending on what vibe you want to achieve in your room. They have little holes through which the light peeks. An abundance of works fabulously during festive seasons. A great thing about such lamps is that they will stay with you till the end of time.

4. Breadbaskets


What is bread without its breadbasket? Moroccans understand that well and hence they fancy a homely breadbasket in their kitchens that is colorful, nonchalant, and understanding, like acknowledging your various dietary needs. We know well that Moroccan cuisines fancy many different kinds of bread and flour-derived items to savor. African meals are well donned with breads. If you think that this will come in handy to you, don’t hold back getting a hold of one or two (save the second one when the guests come!).

5. Spices and Wood Boxes

Spices and Wood Boxes

The country is also known to grow many spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, paprika, sesame, and many others, compared to its close European neighbors that aren’t so blessed. When in Morocco, buy this precious souvenir for your kitchen and taste it every day its culture through cooking. Accompanying this would be small wooden boxes in which you will contain them while they sit in the kitchen. Your very own exotic spice box!

6. Lanterns


Colorful lanterns displaying the colorful past of Morocco, are an eye-catching affinity. Crafted with designed metals (might include colored glass), these lanterns can be a festive décor item to lighten up your home instantly. This is something your guests will complement and might also desire the same in their homes. Place your fragrant candles inside! Consider gifting it as a souvenir from Africa.


Based in North Africa, this amazing country has a lot in its basket that will attract you, as you read. You now also realize fully that Morocco has had a rich handicrafts industry that thrives on the essences borrowed from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. It has preserved its culture in better ways than many countries ever. This is what makes Morocco so appealing. So, when you make a plan to visit this land, pack up these souvenirs for your friends and family and help them know about Morocco too!

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