Traveling is a menace, destination is not. But traveling with kids calls for 24X7 alertness. As a parent/guardian, you’ll need to take utmost care of hygiene, security, fresh food, and water, to name a few. As a precautionary step, you need to pack a few extra things for your child just in case you’re faced with inconvenience mid-travel, just like we do when traveling with babies. Here’s a list of 6 things that you must your child’s bag that will pay off for sure.

1. Your Contact Details

Talking from the safety point of view, your child must carry your contact details at all times for if they go missing, you can be easily contacted and in time. This goes without saying but if your child is big enough to use a phone, get them a mini one and teach them how they can reach you as well when they’re in trouble.

2. GPS Tracker

While traveling, you are constantly under pressure to help your kids out and observe around you. A tracker would always be a helpful friend from the very time you move out of your house as kids get attracted to things they like and are quickly tempted to reach them. It will notify you as well. Even after you’ve reached your destination, teach your kids to always keep their bags with them, and pack lightly. Always.

3. Hygiene Wipes/Handkerchief/Masks

Learning basic life skills is key to a healthy mind. Kids need to be taught basic hygiene and to help them attain that, provide them with the stuff of their own and tutor them to use their ‘own’ hanky and towels because as soon as we step out of our homes, we are exposed to more dirt and disease-causing microbes. This will build healthy habits over time and keep your young ones safe.

4. Emergency Food

Keep it and forget about it (no kidding!). This is a life-saver tool because every kid loves to munch something throughout the day, they might be just bored, but they kind of need it to burn it later jumping on the plane seat. You might not be able to avail them of fresh food at any given point of time during travel. This entices a particular need to always pack ‘some’ food. You need to be prepared every time your kid asks you for a ‘little’ snack. When they get stranded, this will save them. Pack in their favorite snack for times they are super hungry.

5. Medical Card

When traveling, you should carry your child’s medical card that mentions the past and running medical issues (if any) to check it up when necessary. Although you might never need it but the recent pandemic stranded many away from their homes. This will save the day when a doctor asks you to fetch details from a previous prescription. If your kid gets sick, this will come in handy to accurately treat your child.

6. Medicines

Carry with yourself your meds as well as your child’s even when he/she isn’t sick and perfectly healthy. Although traveling while sick is warned against so do it if you ‘really’ have to. If you are traveling with a sick child, make yourself in good shape first and keep in touch with a doctor. Pack in the regular medicines that your child usually needs when he or catches a cold, runs a fever or upsets his/her stomach, plus the ones for chronic problems (if any).

Above mentioned were simple yet effective precautionary steps that will help you in times of emergency. Things will get more manageable as your child grows and as he/she learns things to take care of himself/herself. Train them to always ask for your permission and let you know if they don’t feel well or if they have had their emergency food that might need restocking. Have a sound sleep before stepping out.

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