If you’re traveling to Japan the first time and are looking for some great travel tips? Well, then, you’ve clicked onto the right feed. In the feed, we’ve compiled a few travel tips that will help the first-timers in executing a smooth voyage.

Japan is a tourist hotspot and there are endless reasons that make the country an essential addition to every travelers’ bucket list. The technology-driven country draws the world’s travelers through its natural beauty, unique culture, and delectable cuisine. But, traveling to Japan is different than traveling to Europe or America so, keeping that in mind we’ve gathered these helpful travel tips.


Carry Cash

It’s very easy for travelers to deal through cards as transacting via cards allows avoiding currency exchange but if you’re planning to travel to Japan we would recommend you carry cash. Japan is more towards cash-based society and most of the stores aren’t equipped to accept the card. Hence, we would advise you to carry cash along with you.
We would suggest you to not to carry all the cash with you and only carry the amount you’ll need and keep the rest in the room. So, that even if you get robbed of which chances are very low) you have some cash kept aside.


Get JR Railpass

Japan Rail Pass is the most convenient and affordable way to get around the country. It’s a special pass that gives you access to unlimited trains at discounted rates. And, we would advise you to get a JR rail pass made. Though buses are also a great option and even cheaper than rails but they’re a bit slow and thus we won’t recommend you travel via buses especially if you’ve to travel long distances.
You can purchase JR Rail Pass online or at the station and it starts for $137 (Standard Pass) for 7 days.


Book Accommodation In Advance

Japan is a tourist hotspot and is traveled by millions of travelers in a year. Hence, we would suggest you book the hotels in advance. It would be really difficult for you especially in the peak seasons to get accommodation on time; therefore, getting pre-booked is the best way.
Also, if you’re pre-booking your accommodation you can get great offers and discounts. If you’re planning to travel to Japan on a budget, this trick would help you a lot in saving some huge shells on accommodation.


Get Public Transit Smart Card

The first thing you have to do in the country is to get a public transit smart card made. The public transit smart card is an essential rechargeable card that can be used at vending machines, shops, and restaurants, even to pay taxis and pay while traveling in the Shinkansen.
Through the cards, you deposit a small amount that you use later in the trip, and whatever is left is refundable at the time you leave the country. The card allows you to pay easily and hence it’s the most important thing you have to do as soon as you reach the country.


Arrive Early

One great tip would be to arrive early at popular tourist sites. Since, the country is a tourist hotspot you can experience rush at the popular sites, and thus to avoid the long queue and crowd set your alarm for early morning and you can avoid the long queues and crowd plus waking up early you can enjoy the morning charm of the country.

So, these were some great tips you should follow while traveling to the country. We hope these tips help you a lot during your visit and you end up making great memories.

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