If you think of breathtaking views and cities of the most welcoming vitality in the world, it is impossible not to think of Canada.The largest state of North America hides in the vastness of its territory clusters of rare beauty and points of great tourist interest.The marvelous coasts, the mysterious places of the Arctic tundra and the majestic mountains are just some of the wonders to be discovered.Make the trip you’ve always wanted to do in Canada and visit these 20 dream spots, some of the best known and other little corners of paradise to discover, hidden in the vast Canadian territory.


The city of Vancouver is famous for its fabulous landscapes. Enriched by beaches and parks in which to take a moment of absolute relaxation, it is clear to everyone that Vancouver is much more than the usual metropolis. The city is perfect not only for those who love big cities but Vancouver can also offer quieter areas. Restaurants, bistros, parks and beaches, you will discover that Vancouver is much more than it seems.

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies represent the Canadian segment of the Rocky Mountain range.The border begins in Alberta and ends in the Liard Plain. In all this, the Cana-desi Rocky Mountains offer many choices.Excursions in majestic landscapes, rafting with your friends or your family but not only, hidden in the mountains like some of the most famous natural parks in Canada that host wonders like the following.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is home to one of the wealthiest and most protected natural environments in Canada. The policies of respect, protection, and conservation of the situation before urban development have made the Banff National Park a park rich in flora and fauna.The park hosts many animals that perfectly balance the ecosystem: wolves, moose, and bears are just some of the best known to the park and its visitors.

Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Accessible paths surround the area, sometimes limited, that lead to a different place to be discovered. The Lake Moraine area is one of the most photographed areas in all of Canada and why it’s not a mystery at all.


Ottawa is the beating heart of Canada. It is the home of the offices of the Parliament of Canada, located on a hill correctly renamed “Parliament Hill.” The “National Gallery of Canada” offers the possibility of absorbing the whole artistic world and its influences from the 14th Century up to the present day. For food lovers, Ottawa offers many restaurants, even high class.


Montreal is a city full of life, with many events to follow. It is a city that never sleeps: from music to art, Montreal is the meeting point of thousands of people who want to find new inspiration to express themselves to the fullest.

Last Works

These are the places that you will have to keep in mind and not leave in any case. The right options are there, and that makes the whole journey all the better for you. So enjoy your trip here.

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