Comparing the Best RV Rental Companies

Thinking of going on a road trip to someplace nice or camping at a hill station? Perhaps want to rent a car for some special occasion? Well, we have this amazing service right from your doorstep till your destination. If you’re a beginner to this then this is going to be the most wonderful experience of your life. RV rental is a unique method of traveling that the majority of people are adopting today. It’s a self-contained motorhome with all the amenities. It’s fun and exciting but also a very convenient option. It’s like experiencing a homely feeling on wheels wherever you go. There are quite a lot of variations when you think of planning and renting an RV. A lot of companies offer this service and it’s hard to select the best one out there.

We’ve narrowed down to three best RV rental companies that offer the best services. Read on to know their exclusive features and make your pick!



As the name suggests, experience the delight of outdoor travel with Outdoorsy. It is by far the most popular RV rental company based in San Francisco. Outdoorsy is actually the world’s largest and the most trusted platform for renting Rv’s. They have booked around 840000 travel days among 620000 users till date and are flourishing at another level. The quality of Rv’s is super and fully insured, thus attracting more customer base every year. Thye will take you to your destination without any hustle.

Why choose Outdoorsy?

  • You are at peace in your mind because you know they offer insurance on all rentals including the journey of the trip 24*7 up to 1$ million.
  • 24*7 helpline is available at your service in the form of advisors who arrive wherever you’re stuck.
  • You can search for available RV rentals online conveniently according to your budget. There’s no hustle of constant calling and making bookings.
  • The price range varies in every state and city. Some owners also offer off-season and holiday discounts.
  • You can also find truck campers, vans, and other fancy vehicles for your next trip. Why only choose a boring car?
  • Outdoorsy offers a pickup and delivery option to its clients all over the US, Canada, and Mexico. Simply put your destination and choose the pick up as well as drop off date. And there’ll be right at your doorstep!
  • They have an amazing client review with 5-star ratings and minimal complaints. Every city in America has experienced a rental service from his company.

RV Rental Charges

Outdoorsy’s rental charges vary in different states and cities. These are rented by individual owners so whatever the area they are renting for, effects the pricing at the end.

  • Popup trailers are the cheapest pick with an average cost of 81$ per night.
  • Travel trailers, campervans, and fifth wheels range from 110$ to 160$.
  • Motorhomes are the most expensive RVs here with an average cost of 210$ per night.

All these RV options are family and pet-friendly. You can always analyze your budget and then choose the best option.

Outdoorsy has surpassed all levels with its top quality rental service. One gets to experience the magic of traveling with this company because of such flexible features. There’s nothing you will regret if you pick this for your next destination.




After Outdoorsy, RVshare is one of the largest peer-to-peer rental marketplaces at the hands of more than 60000 RV owners in the United States Of America. They have an enormous client base that is loyal and satisfied to the core. With so many options and features to choose from, RVshare has succeded in providing the best rental car for your long weekend vacation or temporary lodging. It’s the most convenient service for families as it is super comfortable and attractive at the same time. Experiencing home on wheels, what else do we want?

Why choose RVshare?

  • RVshare also offers vehicle insurance up to 200000$ value coverage. This is an attractive feature because we can be at peace with ourselves just in case some mishap takes place.
  • This one also provides a 24*7 roadside assistance too just in case you get stuck somewhere. There are 100+ experts to aid you in times of contingency.
  • You can easily explore the net and rent your RV online without much physical hustle. Find the best prices and book virtually. It will come at your doorstep whenever you want it to.
  • They have a large no. of options to choose rental vehicles from. Look for camper vans, motorhome vans and you’re good to go!
  • They also have a loyalty program that offers 5% cashback on the booking amount. This is a promotional deal and is one of the best strategies in this company.

RV Rental Charges

  • Class A Motorhome- is the most high-end luxurious RV with an average cost of 175$ to 275$ per night.
  • Class C Motorhome- offers all the amenities of Class A but at a much lower price. It ranges from 100$ to 200$ per night.
  • If you want to tow your RV, then fifth wheel and travel trailer are the best options ranging from 50$ to 125$ per night.

They offer tons of rental locations in a lot of countries at very affordable prices and the best quality journeys. It is recommended to prefer Outdoorsy over RVshare because they offer higher insurance coverage than RVshare. customers have reviewed it at 4 stars which is quite decent but they have also some listed complaints saying that they are not very responsive towards customer emails.



Outdoorsy and RVshare are an individual rental RV. But Cruise America is more of a corporate rental company. They follow a very traditional approach towards the rental business. They don’t provide camper and tent van rentals or any other recreational vehicles. Instead, they offer simple campers for rent. Cruise America has around 130 rental locations featuring motorhomes in the most classic style. Taking everything into consideration, the only con is that they are extremely pricey. Even more than Outdoorsy. The rental locations are still in comparison to other rental locations so we can’t be sure of their availability at every location.

Why choose Cruise America?

  • One of the main reasons to rent from this company is that you are sure to experience a very clean journey all the way. It is guaranteed that you’ll have a sense of security because your rental will run smooth.
  • In case you’re on a budget, they offer one-way rentals. The rates of such rentals are as low as $1 per day.

But Cruise America comes with many downsides-

  • The entire process to explore and book the best and affordable rental is quite long and complicated which is not worth it. Because of limited rental car options and recreational vehicles.
  • Also for one-way trips, you have to make arrangements yourself either by flight or self-driving. The destinations where you go and rent are also limited.
  • Customer review is also not very fascinating. Instead, it has a C-class rating with 1.75 stars out of 5 on an average with repetitive customer complaints regarding poor quality RVs.

RV Rental Charges

  • Most of the trips by Cruise America cost at least $99 per night which is cheap and also a really nice deal to avail. But they charge 0.35$ per mile which increases the overall cost.
  • They also charge extra bucks for basic services like kitchen essentials, bathroom amenities, and bedding. So you must track every little point in advance and then make your choice.

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