With exotic beaches and tropical jungles in its boundaries, Costa Rica promises to deliver the most unforgettable experience of your life. It is also rich in biodiversity as well as adventure trips like hiking, paddle boarding, and scuba diving. This place is truly worth the visit for all these thrilling encounters in the best landscape views. Have a look at all-time favorite adventures in Costa Rica and have a great time planning this trip!


Rafting at Rio Pacuare

Costa Rica is one of the most gorgeous destinations on earth. It has everything that you are looking for. From rivers to landscapes to beaches- this place is a complete package. Tourists head to this place for peace and tranquility. But it also offers fun and adventure tours for the passionate traveler in you. While you are in Costa Rica, you can go for sports activities and the most famous of them is rafting in Rio Pacuare. Costa Rica has a lot of rivers but this one is truly unparalleled for its exotic beauty. Rafting in this river will give you the ultimate chills. On the way, you encounter some high waves and beautiful scenery right in front of you. This one is also a popular location for whitewater kayaking and riverboarding.


Hike a Volcano

While Cost Rica boasts some of the most incredible sights in the world, it is also home to some ancient sights. These breathtaking views might be the best you will ever see. If you are looking for thunder and adventure, we suggest hiking a volcano! Yes, and this is not just another volcano in view. This Arenal Volcano is the country’s most iconic sights for the sole reason that it is so gigantic. If you look at this attraction from a distance, this scenic view looks spectacular with Arenal lake downside. This lake features a lot of activities like boating, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. You can have fun in the lake and enjoy these adventure trips or just go around the volcano and have the best hiking trip of your life.


Scuba Diving in Isla del Coco

Although this destination does not experience a lot of foot traffic and tourists, it is certainly one of the most spectacular sites in Cost Rica. This island boasts exceptional beauty 340 miles away from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. If you visit this one, you will have the most amazing time of your life encountering a variety of fun-filled adventures. The most unique thing about this island is that it features more than 200 waterfalls that fall into the ocean, thus creating the most beautiful sight ever! Since it is so gigantic and gorgeous, it is also one of the topmost destinations for scuba diving. You will also spot hammered sharks and whale shirks encircling the island. Visit this one for the ultimate experience.


Hiking Chirripo

The tallest mountain in Costa Rica- Chirripo is a gigantic sight standing tall at 12,533 feet. You will feel so proud of yourself hiking this one because it is truly enormous with some of the most splendid views. This mountain is the highest point between Colombia and Guatemala and thus gives the best scenic views of both worlds. This mountain is surrounded by lush green penetrating jungles and national parks which is also worth the visit. They boast exclusive wildlife and also house a diverse variety of plants and animals. Hike this Mountain for the ultimate thrill of your life. You can visit with your friends and family for a great time. This place also has lodging and camping options for hikers and thus, is totally worth the thrill!


Explore the wildlife in Corcovado

If you are looking for an adventure that doesn’t rush your adrenaline, then this one is for you. All the animal lovers will be delighted to encounter this one because the most exotic wildlife is spotted in Corcovado. Corcovado is located in the remote area of the Osa Peninsula and is definitely a gem in Costa Rica. It is the largest stretch of rainforest on the Pacific coast housing extraordinary wildlife animals and diverse creatures. A biologically equipped place that this one is, it deserves an all-day hiking trip. You will get to spot some really exotic and unseen animals like squirrel monkeys and tapirs. This place is rich in biodiversity as well as greenery. Visit this one for the most fun-filled experience with your family and spend the night camping.

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